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Found 4 results

  1. Right now it seems that you can only set this on a server level, turning it on means any user on any device gets the trailers, codec and custom intros, etc. I would love to be able to have the cinema intros turned on and play trailers before movies I watch in our dedicated viewing room, but unfortunately others who use this setup don't like playing trailers and would prefer to get straight into the movie. So having it enabled means they have to put up with watching/skipping (if you can skip) through trailers on their devices. It would be great to have more control within the settings for cinema intros and have it split up per user, that way when I login and watch things on my devices I can have as many trailers and codec intros and other stuff as I wish, but my wife can have it completely disabled for her user account. For those with home cinema setups they could have that set to the full cinema experience with multiple trailers and custom intros, etc. while still having the ability to use other devices that just go straight to the movie. It would also be nice to be able to choose what plays and in what order, with some kind of unlimited slots system where you can add a reorder intro slots and choose what type of trailer/intro plays in it. Similar to how you can choose the order of display on the home screen it would be good to be able to add 5 slots (or any number you like) and choose what to play in each slot . For example, in slot 1 I would like this specific custom intro video to play, then maybe in slots 2,3 and 4 select for it to play a random movie trailer from online (without repeating the same one twice) chosen based on the type of movie playing (trailers for horror movies when watching one, comedies for comedies, action for action, etc.) and then in slot 5 choose to play the codec intro or whatever. You get the idea. It would certainly aid in providing a much more realistic cinema experience for those who want it and allow each user to better customize their own experience. Who else would like to see these kinds of settings? Be sure to like this post and maybe it will become a reality.
  2. I've made sure this setting is enabled & triple-checked my browser's security settings to make sure the Emby local server address is added as an 'exception' to allow storage of the cookie....yet every time I restart my computer, log out, or close my browser & return later, I have to enter my username & password to sign in to my 'master' account. I use Bitwarden & am spared the tedium of actually typing anything, but it's still an extra step that's beginning to annoy me, especially when I switch to less convenient setups throughout the house. Is this a known bug with any particular browsers by any chance, or some kind of workaround out there I haven't found? Thank you.
  3. We are a school and are about to start using s our media streaming server and PVR. Because there there is currently no Active Directory / LDAP authentication available in Emby at present, we are begin forced down the route for students and staff to share generic login's (Staff , Students). This is not ideal but when you have 1000 students and 200 staff and no AD authentication, unless you want to spend the rest of your life managing accounts this is currently the only feasible solution. Whilst we can remove the ability to change an accounts password, there is no method of removing through the GUI access to User > Settings > Home Screen or User > Settings > Playback so changes to the Emby web interface can be locked down. Ideally. the Emby administrator would still need access to these settings for their account. All suggests are welcome. Many thanks
  4. Hi guys... I was wondering if there's any plans to make users on a server have the ability to set per library permissions. For example on my Music folder I might want some users to be able to stream/listen to the library, but not be able to download them. Others I might want the other way around. But at the same time. I may want them to not be able to encode/stream video to their devices but instead download the full file and play it locally. (Guests for example who are not in my network.) Where as another user I might prefer that they have the ability to stream or download video but have no download access to a single library. Basically I would like to see/have per library permissions for each user if possible. (Maybe adding group permissions might make more sense if you have to go down this road?) Hope that makes sense? If it needs further clarification or a flow chart or something let me know. Thanks! -Phantom
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