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Found 8 results

  1. Samuel911

    Cinema Intros for TrueNAS Scale App

    I just updated to TrueNAS scale, loaded the emby server app and finally got everything going when I noticed I don't have cinema intros anymore as there isn't a trailer channel plugin on TrueNAS scale. Is there a fix for this or am I out of luck?
  2. I really like the Cinema Intros feature of Emby Premiere, but one thing that I think should be improved is its handling of movies that are part of a series/collection (Marvel Movies, James Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars,...). Whenever I watch a movie of this kind I get at least four out of five trailers that are part of the same series - when I watch an old Bond Movie I only get trailers for other Bond Movies. Same for the MCU. I guess this is because those movies are good match, but of cause this is incredibly dull. So could you maybe implement an option for more variety? For example by disallowing more than one trailer from the same collection? Or by giving a trailer a lower score if a trailer from the same studio/production company was already selected?
  3. Cheesegeezer

    Vantage Point Issues & Bugs Thread

    Please post any bugs or issues experienced in here. NOT TO BE USED FOR FEATURE REQUESTS: For anything else please post here : Vantage Point - Big Screen Experience Intros - Plugins - Emby Community
  4. Right now it seems that you can only set this on a server level, turning it on means any user on any device gets the trailers, codec and custom intros, etc. I would love to be able to have the cinema intros turned on and play trailers before movies I watch in our dedicated viewing room, but unfortunately others who use this setup don't like playing trailers and would prefer to get straight into the movie. So having it enabled means they have to put up with watching/skipping (if you can skip) through trailers on their devices. It would be great to have more control within the settings for cinema intros and have it split up per user, that way when I login and watch things on my devices I can have as many trailers and codec intros and other stuff as I wish, but my wife can have it completely disabled for her user account. For those with home cinema setups they could have that set to the full cinema experience with multiple trailers and custom intros, etc. while still having the ability to use other devices that just go straight to the movie. It would also be nice to be able to choose what plays and in what order, with some kind of unlimited slots system where you can add a reorder intro slots and choose what type of trailer/intro plays in it. Similar to how you can choose the order of display on the home screen it would be good to be able to add 5 slots (or any number you like) and choose what to play in each slot . For example, in slot 1 I would like this specific custom intro video to play, then maybe in slots 2,3 and 4 select for it to play a random movie trailer from online (without repeating the same one twice) chosen based on the type of movie playing (trailers for horror movies when watching one, comedies for comedies, action for action, etc.) and then in slot 5 choose to play the codec intro or whatever. You get the idea. It would certainly aid in providing a much more realistic cinema experience for those who want it and allow each user to better customize their own experience. Who else would like to see these kinds of settings? Be sure to like this post and maybe it will become a reality.

    Cinema Outro Option

    Hey, just thought i would ask to see if this may be possible for future. it would be really nice if we could have the option to insert a custom outro to our videos just like we have for the intro but having the option to use both intro and outro
  6. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me sort this out. Here's the chronology: Installed the 'Trailers' plugin, immediately causing all kinds of havoc, including getting stuck on a never-ending loop of trailers when playing any movie in my library Having no other choice, I uninstalled the new plugin & restarted my server I then noticed trailers playing anyway, though not every time (TBH I don't recall the exact circumstances under which that happened, and am of course unable to replicate it now for this example). I do still see the 'Trailers' option next to 'Movies' & 'Suggestions', leading me to a 'No Trailers Found' message urging me to install the Trailer plugin from the catalog. I noticed an option for 'Cinema Intros' under the 'Server' menu in the main dashboard, the settings for which seemed to exactly the same as the offending plugin I'd just removed, though under the alternate heading, 'Cinema Intros'. Further adding to the confusion, these settings include a disclaimer noting 'These features require an active Emby Premiere subscription and installation of the Trailer channel plugin.' Despite having the same settings, 'Cinema Intros' seems not to do much of anything at all, while 'Trailers' causes the infinite trailer loop along with repeated crashing of the entire app, sometimes even requiring a full reboot of the computer running Emby Server. I'm assuming the 'Trailer channel plugin' the 'Cinema Intros' settings is asking me to install is the one that causes trouble, but it also seems like the 2 plugins are supposed to be installed together. 1. Are these 2 plugins the exact same thing, just with different labels? 2. What does 'Cinema Intros' supposed to do on its own, and is it worth keeping if I'm unable to install 'Trailers'? Thank you!
  7. [Skip to the bottom of this post for the solution I found when working though the issue in order to report it on this post] Hey all, As my wife and I aren't as up to date with recent movie release as we might have been in the decade prior, I recently enabled Cinema Intros for the first time, as I thought it would be a good way for us to discover some newer movies. It works, and properly selects content based off all the checked options in Cinema Intros settings screen. I'm purely using online trailers as the source for this, I have no desire to establish and maintain a local collection of trailers, my time overheads are already high enough Only thing is, when clicking play on a movie, it's slow to start playing each trailer. It takes around 25-35 seconds before the trailer starts playing. When it finishes that trailer, there's another 25-35 second pause before the second (final) trailer starts, after it completes, the local movie playback begins instantly. I've seen this behaviour (yes the 'u' in that last word is there on purpose, I'm English) in both the Web Client and the Android Apps (Nvidia Shield & Xiaomi Mi Box). I've ruled out transcoding by monitoring the dashboard, the trailer doesn't even show on the playback overview screen until the second it starts playing, and even then it doesn't show as transcoding. My guess is that Emby Server is doing 1 or both of 2 things when the excessive wait times happen: The entirety of the trailer is being cached on the Emby Server before playback on the client begins Emby is going out to fetch metadata (title, art, age rating) about the movie before the trailer begins Once a particular trailer has successfully started playing once, it plays without delay the next time its randomly selected to be displayed before a movie. Leading me to believe that the results of whichever operation was being performed to cause the slowdown are persistant. I'd sincerely hope that in the age of streaming, we're not waiting for and caching an entire trailer before playback, I respect the dev's abilities and judgement too much to assume that this is the case. Which leaves me with option number 2 - the server is fetching metadata ad-hoc for each movie. I remember Cinema Intros requiring the Trailers plugin, so I would have thought that the Trailers plugin would be front-loading the trailers meta into the database/library for quick access on playback. I can't find any other users complaining about slow start time of the Cinema Intros, so it must be something I've inadvertently screwed up, or some sort of an environmental factor on my installation. [Solution found while writing this post!] So it seems writing this post was my Rubber Duck of sorts... I got thinking about the Trailers plugin, and about how I thought it should be grabbing metadata ahead of time, so I went and checked the plugin config. There were 4 options for movie trailer sources in there, the first of which "Movie Trailer Archive" was unchecked. I don't know if I unchecked it manually when I installed the plugin, or it that was its default state after being installed a couple of months ago. I enabled the checkbox and did a library scan, which solved the issue. Trailers for Cinema Intros start playing back within 5 seconds now, which is more than acceptable. This doesn't seem to be explicitly documented anywhere, so maybe some messaging in the trailer plugin settings screen informing the user of the consequence of unchecking that box, or even some info in the Cinema Intros setting screen about this requirement would be beneficial. Even though I've solved my issue now, I'm going to post this up anyway, in the hopes that it may help anyone else who has been fruitlessly Googling for a solution to this problem, as I was. Edit: After try a few more runs through the Cinema Intros trailers sequence it seems the wait times before playback of the trailer are much improved. Now the wait seems to down from the 25-35 seconds it originally was, to around 13-20 seconds on average, even with trailers that don't require transcoding - not great, but markedly better. I'm open to and would be grateful for any suggestions that may improve this further.
  8. ASMITH84

    Cinema Intros not working!

    Hi, Few days (4-5 days) the cinema intros not working. I didn't do anything. It went bad overnight. What is the problem? What can i do? TV: LG 70UM7450PLA and 50UM7500PLA Emby type: Synology Thx!
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