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Found 8 results

  1. We have a couple of Samsung TVs in the house, which are not very "smart" out of the box. To solve that problem we have installed nVidia Shield devices for each of these TVs. This solved the problems with the built in functionality. Streaming apps are working perfectly now ... with the exception of Emby. The problem is that the Emby client for Android TV cannot manage a server that is in the Sleep State. I'm respectfully requesting for a feature that can manage the sleep/wake state of the Emby Server (in my case the host is Windows 10). This can be done by: - Sending a WOL magic packet to the server when a client requests a video to be streamed (and the server is in the sleep state). - Keeping the server awake during streaming. Really love the Emby server, as it provides many benefits over its competitors, like Plex, but the absence of this feature really limits its usability in the Android TV space.
  2. WhiteGuyTranslating

    No Wake Button After Update

    So I was having trouble waking my server from Emby Theater on my Windows systems for the past few days. I can wake the server with no issue using magic packet and MC-WOL application I've used for years now. I thought maybe Windows Update messed something up (I know there was a big .NET patch) so I uninstalled the desktop app and the Windows Store App and reinstalled. Now, from both apps, the Wake Server option is gone. Only Connect and Delete. I've reinstalled the EMBY server software but not a fresh uninstall/reinstall. Has anyone experienced this yet? I don't mind going back to using the 3rd party application to wake the server but it's really been nice to use just one (why I finally made the switch from WMC to Win10/Emby Theater). Let me know if this is an issue or somehow (on all three of my machines) just my problem to figure out. theater-63734345566.txt
  3. qazwsx10

    Nvidia Shield Wake up on LAN

    Good morning! I saw two threads discussing this, but didn't see a conclusion to them yet (for one the last reply was from over an year ago, so I'm hoping it's been updated since then). I recently transitioned my Emby server from my PC to my Nvidia Shield. I have my media on an external hard drive that is directly connected to the Shield (I don't have a NAS yet). Although I don't mind having the Shield running all the time, I didn't want my external hard drives to be continuously running, so I have it currently set for them to shut off when the Shield goes to sleep. However, I did notice when I did that, I was no longer able to access the Emby Server. I tried the Wake Server option, and I get the following message: "Wake On LAN packets were sent to your server machine, but we're unable to connect to your Emby Server. Your machine may need a little more time to wake, or Emby Server may not be actively running on the machine." Am I doing something wrong, or does Android not have a WOL option?
  4. Windows 10 App: there is a option 'wake up' Android Smartphone: there is also an option 'wake up' Android TV app....euhh..no forced option to trigger the 'wake up' ???? Maybe it's triggerd when you push the server button (ugly server icon), but it's not working. I saw a post from 2016 here, it should be a Androin thing...but...it's working on my Android Smartphone! request 1: please add option 'wake up' in the Emby Android TV app request 2: please fix 'wake up', without this feature working I am not happy request 3: I have only 1 server.........why do you not send the WOL when I start Emby first??? and why I have to select a server.... I only have 1 server!! Could you make my live make simpler? thank you all ready ! Kind regards (Emby starter)
  5. 91esprit

    Wake to record?

    Is my pc supposed to automatically wake up from sleep to do a scheduled TV recording like WMC does? Mine is not doing that. Server Version 3.0.5724.3 Windows 10
  6. I use the Emby addon (2.2.10) with Kodi (16.1) on an Intel NUC with rapid start enabled. This allows me to keep the NUC in a sleep/powered off state but still start up in a few seconds however this means that Kodi is rarely restarted. My Emby server is woken up with a wake on LAN add on upon wake of the NUC. I have noticed that when waking from sleep I do not get the Emby log on notification that I receive when I open Kodi fresh. This seems to effect real time updating of the libraries. Playback is not effected. This was not the case in previous builds of the addon where I would get either an error saying the server could not be reached or a welcome notification. Is this normal behavior?
  7. twos50

    Wake from Sleep

    My libraries don't scan when my pc wakes from sleep. They scan upon application startup . But not "wake from sleep" I have both triggers set. I believe they used to. But they don't now. My current version is Version 3.0.5641.4. Has anyone else experience this or am I missing something in the functionality??
  8. AdrianW

    Initiating Media Scanning

    Background to my problem I have my NAS (containing all my media) set to wake at 3pm and go to sleep at 12:30am every day. I have MBS and MBC installed on the same PC (a small NUC under the TV). Previously I had MBS set to perform a media scan on wake - but if that PC ever woke when the NAS was off all media would be marked as offline. So when someone comes to actually use MB3 (during the NAS on hours) then it thought the media was offline. The PC with MBS was starting in the middle of the night to perform updates etc, so I disabled those, but it still wakes occasionally out of normal viewing times. So, I've set MBS to not scan on wake, but to scan on a schedule at 3:30pm and 7:30pm. This works much better, but there are still times when I've added new content and MBS (and therefore MBC) just doesn't know its there yet. This was never an issue with MB2 and it's tray service, I could run MB2 and it would almost immediately show new content. I can run a Library Refresh from MBC settings - but that button is not easy to navigate to. I can see a couple of solutions: have a new trigger for starting tasks on the server ("On client connect") - so when I start MBC a media scan is automatically initiated. have a shortcut button in MBC (one of the colour buttons maybe) to initiate a library scan instead of having to dig into settings.
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