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EMBY Q&A Answers Part Two

Here is the next round of answers from our Emby Q&A session. The feedback from our previous blog post was exciting to see from all of you, and we are excited to share even more answers. The next round of questions and answers will be released next week as well!  1) What are some of the future goals of Emby?  Emby wants to continue to grow and be the best media server option available for our users. We hope to move to a quicker release schedule than in previous iterations that is bo


sross44 in Emby

Emby Q&A Answers Part One

Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask the Emby team questions across all of the different platforms including here on the forums. There were a lot of great questions that were thrown our way and we've been excited to get the answers out to you. While some of the questions we were not able to answer, we did our best to give you the most accurate and clear answers possible. Now without further ado, here is the first series of questions and answers for you to look over! Please keep in


sross44 in Emby

Emby WMC UI Beta Available Now

Today, we're glad to announce public availability of the new Emby WMC UI Beta. It started out as a spare-time effort of Emby developer softworkz, assumed to target only a niche audience of nostalgia and WMC fans, and hasn't been an Emby roadmap project. But over time, it has turned into something of its own kind, going far beyond just mixing-in some nostalgic visuals like a theme, but rather providing an authentic look and feel, the original modes of operation and behavior, or in short


ebr in Emby

Version 2.0 of Android TV/Fire TV app Released

Version 2.0 of our popular Android TV and Fire TV apps are rolling out to stores now.  This version brings many internal improvements for playback and also supports the new features in the upcoming 4.6 release of the server.  Your device should update automatically when available.   Improved Subtitle Support These apps can now natively render most types of advanced subtitles (Dual Layer PGS/SSA etc.) with full formatting and multiple sub placements without requiring the serv


ebr in Emby

Emby for Android Updated with Improved Android Auto, HDR, and More

Emby for Android 3.1.60 is currently rolling out to the Google Play Store, and is also available for download on our website if apk's are needed. Highlights Revamp audio and video playback Improve HDR video support Add refresh rate switching option for video playback Add speed control to video player Added camera upload photo folder option Improve voice search support with Android Auto Support search with google assistant Support subtit


Luke in Emby

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