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Radeon's Theme Plugins - New Releases - Filter facility

Posted by radeon , 03 December 2013 · 1171 views
Radeon, Theme, Videos, Music and 4 more...
New Release (

In the latest release of the TV and Movie Theme Video/Song Plugins, a new filter has been added to prevent the download of a theme if its not wanted it in your collection.

When the plugin downloads a theme in the future, a new filter item will automatically be added to the plugins configuration page. If that theme is then delete...


RUSH Theme for MBC now available

Posted by Soultaker , 30 November 2013 · 922 views
rush, mbc
RUSH Theme for MBC is now available to the general public. From the author of previous themes Neo, Pearl, Rush is probably one of the fastest themes available.

For more details checkout the link below:



Android client now available on the Kindle store

Posted by Redshirt , 25 November 2013 · 1458 views
Good news for all you kindle owners. The Android client has been approved for distribution on the Kindle store. Now let's see what awesome features I can add as we go forward from here.



ThemeVideo Backdrops (and audio) for MediaBrowser Classic - FREE

Posted by radeon , 24 November 2013 · 1352 views
Radeon, Media Browser Classic and 1 more...
ThemeVideo Backdrops
Bringing ThemeBackdrop Videos and Audio to MBC for All Themes

Hey All, i just wanted to introduce the ThemeVideo Backdrops plugin for Media Browser Classic, you may remember something like this back in the days of MB2 and well, we have brought it i...


Chapters come to MB Classic

Posted by ebr , 20 November 2013 · 1182 views

Version of MBC brings chapter viewing and direct playback to themes that are modified to support it.


Currently default, Chocolate and Subdued support chapters with more themes coming. Legacy themes may never support this functionality so this may be a good time t...


MediaBrowser for Android Released

Posted by Redshirt , 19 November 2013 · 2512 views
Today I'm pleased to announce that the MediaBrowser client for Android has been released to the Google Play store. The app is available for all devices running Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or newer.


Application Features:
Browse your entire MediaBrowser library


MBC Theme - Subdued Released

Posted by Cheesegeezer , 18 November 2013 · 1503 views

Just a heads up that with the upcoming release of MBC to the public, The Mediabrowser-Classic Theme - Subdued now has the new changes implemented for Chapter selection on the Final Details Page.


New Server Beta - 3.0.5069.18843

Posted by Luke , 17 November 2013 · 1209 views

This is a very minor release with some enhancements required for the upcoming preview build of Media Browser Theater.
We now retrieve all Music Brainz Id's directly from Music Brainz. No other source is used for this information, (aside from saved xml). This should result in better matches.
Soundtracks can now be used as theme songs
Soundtracks can utiliz...


New Server Beta Released

Posted by Luke , 09 November 2013 · 1294 views

3.0.5061.25570 has been released into the wild. This brings a number of enhancements:
Manual image downloads
Rate and review plugins in the catalog
Improve movie/series searches using non-standard naming
Ignore xbmc .actors folder
Resolve image downloading issues with previous release
Limit users ability to remote control other users

Manual Image Downlo...


New server beta released - 3.0.5049.22196

Posted by Luke , 27 October 2013 · 4693 views

A new beta release has been pushed out. Your server will update sometime this week depending on your automatic update settings, and our update staggering. This release is mostly about metadata and bug-fixes. The highlights are:
Support for missing and unaired episodes
Support all Plex/Xbmc image file conventions
Support combining multiple backdrop sources...

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