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Announcing a new higher device limit for our standard Premiere license

Posted by ebr , 06 March 2019 · 7568 views

In keeping with our goal to be the best personal media server on the planet and, in order to avoid any confusion or apprehension for new users, we've decided to increase our base Emby Premiere license device limit from 15 to 25 devices.

We know from the fact that not many people buy the larger licenses that 15 is usually enough, but there have been qu...


Emby Server 4.0.2 Released

Posted by Luke , 12 February 2019 · 8230 views

Emby Server 4.0.2 is currently rolling out to address a few issues we've uncovered with the new 4.0 release. Here are the highlights:
Resolve slow scans for movie libraries
Various fixes for mixed content detection
Fix multi-version movie support for mixed content libraries
Fix season shuffle
Fix hevc main 10 stream copying not happening
Fix continue watc...


Emby Server Now Available for NVIDIA Shield !

Posted by Luke , 01 February 2019 · 21758 views

We're pleased to announce Emby Server is now available for NVIDIA Shield. 
Please see the Emby website to learn how to download and install Emby Server onto your Shield: 
Once installed, the on-screen interface will direct you to the Emby web app to run the server startup wizard.  


Apple TV - Now with less transcoding

Posted by ebr , 29 January 2019 · 3659 views

A major update to the Apple TV app that includes a new custom player that can direct play more content is rolling out now. https://emby.media/c...9at105401AM.png  You should get much more direct playback support as we are no longer completely dependent on the Apple player capabilities. We ho...


Say Hello to the New Face of Android TV

Posted by ebr , 27 January 2019 · 12250 views

New Look  Our Android TV and Fire TV apps have a new release rolling out over the next few days that will give you a nice new, much cleaner look to the overall interface. https://emby.media/c...d77_newhome.png  https://emby.media/c...tailseries2.png  https://emb...


Emby Server 4.0.1 Released

Posted by Luke , 21 January 2019 · 7966 views

4.0.1 has gone out to address a few issues we've uncovered with the new 4.0 release. Here are the highlights:
Fix movie matching regression of failing to determine movie year from file name
Fix sporadic video crashes on Apple TV
Improve external subtitles with HLS
Various fixes for .ignore files
Fix movie sub-folder detection with mixed content libraries...


Announcing Emby Server 4.0

Posted by Luke , 14 January 2019 · 20242 views

At long last we're pleased to announce Emby Server 4.0. This new release will begin rolling out over the next 24 hours, so please be patient. This has been our longest release period ever, and going forward we intend to get back to a more frequent release schedule. This release is packed with improved performance, updates to existing features, as well as...


Emby Server Now Available for QNAP Arm64 Models !

Posted by Luke , 21 December 2018 · 2117 views

We're pleased to announce availability of Emby Server for QNAP Arm64 (aarch64) models. This includes the new TS-x28A series ! 
This package is currently in beta testing. Installation instructions can be found on the Emby website: 
Happy holidays !


Emby for iOS 1.7 Released With Gapless Audio Playback

Posted by Luke , 17 December 2018 · 1845 views

Emby for iOS 1.7 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights:

Gapless audio playback, perfect for your Pink Floyd albums !
Improve orientation restoration after video playback
Improved support for DVB subtitles


More Roku Improvements

Posted by ebr , 14 December 2018 · 4404 views

A new version of the Emby for Roku app has been released with a number of enhancements mostly around better playback and error recovery. Included in this release is: * Video Playback Correction Option
* Select Video Quality During Playback
* Repeat All in Video Player
* Crew added to Detail Display
* Genre Aspect Ratio fixed
* Refresh...

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