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Emby Server 4.2.1 Released

Posted by Luke , 09 August 2019 · 8423 views

Emby Server 4.2.1 is currently rolling out to address a few small issues with our 4.2 release. Here are the highlights:
Fix guide tab button colors on light themes
Fix refresh progress display of individual libraries
Fix collections not getting an image when locked
Fix sync using path substitution when it should not be
Fix crashes on Linux due to network...


Emby for iOS Updated with Home Screen Shortcuts

Posted by Luke , 07 August 2019 · 4007 views

Emby for iOS 1.8.0 has been released and now supports iOS home screen shortcuts. https://emby.media/c...ortcuts_iOS.png  On supported devices you can now tap the icon and apply a little touch pressure, and you'll see a menu allowing you to jump straight into various sections of the app. O...


Emby Server 4.2 Released

Posted by Luke , 23 July 2019 · 7761 views

Improved Performance
The entire server and all apps will perform better than ever before. This includes general navigation, and in some cases starting media playback. Faster Live TV Guide Refreshes
The guide refresh process on the server will be much faster now, and in many cases will now complete in several seconds or less. Improved DVR Recor...


Emby for Apple TV - Now Ready for tvOS 13

Posted by ebr , 13 July 2019 · 3984 views

A new update for our Apple TV app has just been released which makes the app compatible with both tvOS 12.4 and 13. As a bonus, you also get all of the following :):

Brand New Home Screen  We've entirely re-written home screen. This gives you top level access to your Favorites, and an improved search. https://emby.media/c...uploads/inli...


Emby for Roku - Now with multi-language support!

Posted by ebr , 08 July 2019 · 1721 views

A new version of our Roku app has been rolling out and, in addition to several other quality, consistency and performance improvements, the app now supports a full array of language translations - even more than the Roku devices themselves do! https://emby.media/c...uagesetting.jpg  The default setting wi...


Emby for Samsung Tizen TV Now Available for USB Installation

Posted by Luke , 03 July 2019 · 12339 views

Please see our community for details: https://emby.media/c...stall-from-usb/  
If the app is not in the app store in your country, or if you'd like to try preview builds, you can now install from a USB drive. 


Emby for Samsung Tizen Smart TV 1.0.61 Released

Posted by Luke , 01 July 2019 · 3612 views

An update for Samsung Tizen devices has been released. Here are the highlights:
Improve app performance
Expanded sorting and filtering options
Improved subtitle support
Support multi-version movies with version selection prior to playback
Improved uniform design with other Emby apps
 Install from USB Now Available  Please see our community for...


Emby for Apple TV Updated

Posted by Luke , 22 May 2019 · 3739 views

We're currently rolling out a few TVOS 12.3 fixes to our Apple TV app. Here are the highlights:
Resolve home screen refreshing content every 15 seconds
Resolve random stutters and skips during video playback


Visual seeking now available in Android/Fire TV

Posted by ebr , 15 May 2019 · 6434 views

A new version of our Fire TV and Android TV app will be rolling out soon and it now allows you to take advantage of the new thumbnail generation available in Emby Server 4.1+. If you enable this new feature in the server, you will then be able to visually seek your content with thumbnails in the Android/Fire TV app. https://emby.media/community/uplo...


Emby for iOS 1.7.7 Released

Posted by Luke , 06 May 2019 · 3159 views

Emby for iOS 1.7.7 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights:
Fix Chromecast disconnection when opening server dashboard
Add subtitle color options
Improve Hebrew and Arabic subtitle support

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