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Emby Server Now Available for Western Digital NAS

Posted by Luke , 08 June 2018 · 1298 views

We're pleased to announce availability of a new package for Emby Server for Western Digital NAS. To learn how to install it, head over to the download page of our website: 
Enjoy !


Emby for Android TV - Oreo Ready

Posted by ebr , 07 June 2018 · 1518 views

Android 8 (Oreo) is in the process of being rolled out on the Nvidia Shield and the Emby for Android TV app now goes with it like a tall glass of milk :). New Launcher  Oreo brings with it a new launcher on Android TV which allows each individual app to have its own entire row(s) on the device home screen. Emby for Android TV will automatically...


Another Update for Emby for Apple TV

Posted by ebr , 04 June 2018 · 1034 views

Version 1.2.09 of the Apple TV app is rolling out now with some more fixes and enhancements:

Bug fixes:
Fixed remote play/pause
Fixed resuming a movie
Fixed delete button not working on detail views
Fixed collection view with items other than movies showing an error
Fixed item unwatched counts not displaying with some server platforms (an empty green...


Emby for iOS Updated with New Video Player, Wake on LAN, and more

Posted by Luke , 01 June 2018 · 1337 views

Version 1.5.1 is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights: New Video Player  The app can now direct play quite a few formats thanks to the new video player. This results in less transcoding on your Emby Server and a better playback experience. Wake On Lan  The app can now send wake on lan signals to your Emby Server. To send a wa...


Introducing LDAP Support for Emby

Posted by Luke , 16 May 2018 · 4892 views

We're pleased to announce LDAP support for Emby Server, now supported by all Emby apps! 
To setup LDAP, simply install the LDAP plugin from the Emby plugin catalog. This feature requires an active Emby Premiere subscription . 
Then head over to y...


Apple TV app updated with more improvements

Posted by ebr , 10 May 2018 · 1529 views

Another update to our Apple TV app is rolling out and should be on a device near you soon.

New Features / Improvements

The Favorites and Trailers tabs are now available in the Movies library:


The Genres tab in the Movie library has been reworked to allow y...


Emby Server 3.4 Released

Posted by Luke , 03 May 2018 · 8583 views

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights. New Convert Media Feature  Want to reduce on the fly transcoding? We now have a feature that can help you convert your library into streaming-friendly formats. It's easy, just right click or tap on a video and select Convert in the menu. https://emby.media/commu...


Hey Google - What's your coolest new app?

Posted by ebr , 18 April 2018 · 5062 views

I'm so glad you asked. Why 'Emby' is the coolest personal media server on the planet and I can now control it for you. What would you like to do...?  Your Emby system is now available to control with your Google Home device. Just install the Emby for Google Home app, link it to your Emby Connect account and then here are just a few of the things y...


Android TV Updated with common home screen layout and improved playback

Posted by ebr , 10 April 2018 · 3173 views

A new version of the Fire TV and Android TV apps is rolling out to a device near you now. This new version has several improvements so be sure to update as soon as it is available for your device. Common Home Screen Layout  https://emby.media/c...omeannounce.png  The app now follows the same home sc...


Emby for LG Smart TV's 1.06 Released

Posted by Luke , 22 March 2018 · 4495 views

A new release of Emby for LG is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights:
Improved direct play of 4K, HDR and HEVC media
Improved subtitle support
Improved navigation performance
Sorting, filtering, and view settings added to list screens
 Sorting, Filtering and View Settings  https://emby.media/c...14b4a28a1_Un...

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