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Emby Server 3.2.60 Released

Posted by Luke , 23 December 2017 · 10046 views

A new release is rolling out. Here are the highlights. Important Information for Windows Users  If you're currently running Emby Server 3.2.36, you'll need to install this update manually. To do this, simply shutdown Emby Server and run the installer from the website on top of your existing installation. If you're not sure what version you're cu...


Announcing The Emby Alexa Skill

Posted by ebr , 21 December 2017 · 4124 views

Voice Control for Emby with your supported Amazon Echo device   https://emby.media/c...c1d3e_alexa.png  
Intelligent Voice Control for Emby  The Emby Alexa Skill enables Emby Premiere members to get information about and control playback of their media on any Emby compatible device. Once you have suc...


Emby for LG Smart TV's 1.04 Released

Posted by Luke , 18 December 2017 · 2086 views

Installation  Users with an LG Smart TV can install now from the LG App Store .  Now Available For Additional Devices  Emby for LG now supports WebOS 1.0+. Bug Fixes
Resolve live tv playing without audio


Emby Trakt Plugin Updated

Posted by Luke , 05 December 2017 · 2804 views

Our Emby Trakt plugin has been updated to version 3.1.3.  Important  Due to Trakt API changes, you will need to install the update, and then re-authenticate using the trakt plugin configuration screen.  Change Log
Update to latest Trakt authentication API
Various syncing and scrobbling fixes and improvements


Emby for iOS Updated with iPhone X Support

Posted by Luke , 04 December 2017 · 737 views

Version 1.4.5 is currently rolling out with improvements for iOS 11. Here are the highlights:
Support iPhone X
Support track selection prior to playback
Add Play Next queuing
Support tapping the screen to hide the video OSD


Emby for Android TV and Fire TV now with Themes and multi-version support

Posted by ebr , 26 November 2017 · 2469 views

Themes  The new release of the Android TV and Fire TV apps now have multiple themes you can choose from just like the web app and Theater (Emby Premiere required for theme support). https://emby.media/c..._themelight.png  https://emby.media/c...movieslight.png


Emby for Xbox One Updated with Improved Playback

Posted by Luke , 03 November 2017 · 2516 views

Emby for Xbox One has been updated with improved video playback. Here are the highlights:
Direct play more video formats, including hevc on supported models.
Reduced server transcoding decreases the load on your Emby Server machine
Pause, rewind and fast-forward live tv
Faster video start time


Emby for Samsung Smart TVs Now Available In Ireland

Posted by Luke , 30 October 2017 · 1630 views

Installation  Users in the USA, UK, or Ireland with a Samsung Smart TV can install now from the Samsung App Store. A Modern App for Modern Times  The interface for this app has been built with HTML, but this is nothing like the web apps you're accustomed to. This has been built purely with modern features that bring a level of performance t...


Emby Server 3.2.34 Released

Posted by Luke , 26 October 2017 · 4961 views

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out. Here are the highlights. New Features
Add additional dark theme option
Support delete permissions per library
Support play next
Support azw3 book extension
Support mpeg2 hardware video decoding with OMX
Add setting to disable theme videos in the web app

Bug Fixes
Fix next up queries within li...


Introducing Emby for LG Smart TV's

Posted by Luke , 24 October 2017 · 3756 views

Users with an LG Smart TV can install now from the LG App Store . The app currently supports LG Smart TV's running Web OS 3.0+. We are working on update to support older versions of Web OS. 
A Modern App for Modern Times  
The interface for this app has been built with HTML, but this is nothing like the web apps you're accust...

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