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Emby android plays no video but just the audio


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emby when direct played doesnt play the actual video but just the audio (on my s10+)

i am not sure where the logs are for direct android playback but heres the media info

media info:-  media info.txt

but it obviously works fine when transcoded

transcoding log:-  ffmpeg-transcode-70d9b027-cb02-429a-b510-d46b2be039ff_1.txt

an example of my problem:- 

my assumption is that it doesnt support h264 10bit but i might be wrong cause it supports h265 10bit and MX player can play this video just fine 



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a minor bug from the android beta playback (the latest release)

it seems that the embedded fonts for stylized ASS subtitles do not appear it just plays plain text 

and no it wasnt transcoding 

i consider this minor since its the beta bugs and crashes are common but something to note of 


in response to the "no proper ASS playback on web"

i didnt know there was a desktop version and that directly plays everything so my issue on that is cleared 

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