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Live TV mini Guide switching channels fails when all tuners are in use but shouldn't be


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Hi all, thank you for this great product!  I wanted to share an annoying issue I run into on the Android TV version of the Emby app when using the live tv mini guide.  I hope below describes the issue clearly and I am willing to help wherever I can!

Server: Latest stable Linux server docker image on unraid. Emby server version is using Live TV via HDHomeRun Prime (3 tuner) using Emby Guide Data

Client:  This issue happens in apps that have the mini guide such as Android TV in my case Nvidia shield pro 2020. 

*I can DM logs if needed but its very easy to repo and consistent.   I believe I know the server logic that may need to changed to fix this issue.

Repro steps:

1. Saturate the Tuners having (in my case 3 devices watching 3 different shows)

2. On any one of the devices open the mini guide while watching say channel 7 and switch to another channel say channel 9 that the other 2 devices are not watching.


The server will prevent the channel switching because its still tuned to channel 7 so there will be no open tuner.  This shows and error and stops playback.


Close the current viewing session before choosing another one.  For example instead of switching the channel via the mini guide, back out of live tv to the full guide to change channels and things will work.

Potential Emby Server logic fix:

When changing channel via the mini guide, check to see if anyone else is watching the pre channel change channel (7 from the example above) and if not close the session with the tuner and then open a new session as there should be a tuner available.

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I don't know if this is your issue or not but I'll throw this out and you can tell me if this is it or not.

You have  device like an HDHR prime which has 3 tuners.

All 3 tuners are in use.

You bring up the mini guide to look at what else is on and see a program you want to switch to.

You get an error message.  But if you back out out Live TV, select the channel you wanted to go to it now works.

Does that sound like your problem?


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Hi yes that seems to be the problem.  I also just tested out tuning up or down in the same situation and I get the same error "Unable to tune to this channel at this time". 

So the issue is really changing channels while watching a channel will fail if you are using all 3 tuners.  I hope this helps! 


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Dude you're freaking me out singing your message as "Carlo". :)

This is a "bug" so to speak or something that needs improvement in the code when tuners are full.

What happens in a nut shell is that all your tuners are busy and Emby is trying to fire up another stream before switching channels.

So if you have a 3 tuner device and want to switch channels a 4th channel is tried which fails. The software currently tries to allocate the 4th channel before it frees up the existing channel for a smooth transition while already watching Live TV.  Not ideal but it what it is.

The devs do need to look at this and I believe this is already taking into consideration for the next major update to Emby TV so the best I can advise is that if you get an error, just note the channel number you wanted to change to, exit Emby Live TV and switch to that channel via Guide or Channels and you should be able to tune to it.

Once you exit Live TV (playing) you should have freed up a tuner assuming nothing is recording or another person is watching it so that you can use the tuner again.

This is awkward, we know it and are taking steps to fix it in upcoming releases.

Carlo (the original) LOL



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Hah I completely agree, believe it or not I've never met another Carlo outside my family!  

That sounds like what I figured was happening.  Thank you for getting back to me on this I figured I would raise it incase these things weren't being worked on but sounds like it is.  Can't wait and if I can help in anyway please don't hesitate to reach out. 

-Just another Carlo 👍 

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Just another Carlo which I'll call  you Carlo2, LOL

Same here, I was named after my grandfather who also was a Carlo and that's it for me as well.  Lots of "Carlos" but no Carlo in people I meet or find online. Kind of rather unique and "Carlo" being Italian?

But as far as issue: We are aware of this and will be correcting this hopefully in future releases which we have been looking at and working on.

That's all I can say at present.

The "Carlo" LOL


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