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So I'm pretty much brand new to the media server thing, and hoping someone can jump start my feeble knowledge on the subject.

I've got a  netgear R6350, so I can't install the emby server side app on it, but it is capable of running NAS via USB. I'm looking to run emby client side from Roku TVs/boxes. Can I set up the server manually (via IP and port) or do you have to have both the  client and server side communicating?

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Emby is a client/server configuration.  You must be able to install the Emby server on a compatible device, which will then catalog all your media.  You can then use clients like Roku devices to access the server.

The R6350 will share out the files on the USB as a NAS but you need to have the Emby server running somewhere to access those files and catalog them. 

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EMBY is similar to PLEX, and you could think of it as your own personal Netflix type of service.  There is a Client and a Server.  When you access Netflix using their app, that is a Netflix Client accessing their Server(s).  Same in this case with EMBY.  You use a Client on one of the many devices they support, but it's going to want to access a Server.  Normally your server.  Maybe a friends server which you are a guest.  

I run the EMBY Server on my Netgear ReadyNAS 516.  


There are stand alone programs that run on ROKU's that will access and play video files directly on your device.  I used to do it with a Plugged in USB stick directly plugged in my ROKU.   On the Apple TV for example, there is a great stand alone program called InFuse which is at version 6.  So Infuse 6.  It's a pretty nice program that is stand alone that kind of works and looks like EMBY or PLEX, but no need for a server.  



I haven't used one of my ROKU's in a while and so don't know if and what would be similar for that platform. InFuse is a great app, but for iOS and Apple TV.  There are Pro's and Con's with everything.  Same goes with PLEX, EMBY and InFuse along with others.  


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