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Need help creating folder structure for Stand-Up


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Hi everyone,


First off, I would like to say thanks to anyone involved in the creation of Media Browser. Simply amazing work.


Anyways, I did some searching around the forums, and couldn't find anything about this specific issue. I am having a little trouble with my folder system, specifically for my stand-up comedy specials. My movies and TV shows are working perfectly, fetching metadata, images, etc. But I cannot seem to get the comedy folders to work properly.


Right now I have it set up as Comedy>[Comedian Name]>[special Name (Year)]>[Filename]


So in Windows Explorer, one example would look like this:

F:\Comedy\Gallagher\Mad as Hell (1981)\Mad as Hell (1981).mp4 


My issue is that I am not getting the images, coverart, metadata, etc. to download. I am getting the [filename-poster.jpg] file that is pulled from the video, but that's it. I know that I have some lesser-known specials, or ones that may not have coverart available from the normal sources, like the one I mentioned above. But I'm not even getting the info for the well-known ones, like Jim Gaffigan.


Side question: Is there any way to prevent incorrect info from being downloaded? For example, if there is a movie or TV show that shares a name with another, more popular movie or TV show, the metadata and images for the more popular one generally gets downloaded.


Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Koleckai Silvestri

Should name it: f:\comedy\Gallagher_ Mad as Hell (1981)\Gallagher_ Mad as Hell (1981).mp4 (you can use a comma instead of the underscore as well. Just can't use colons in file names.)


That will match up with the metadata provider at tmdb.org. If you don't want to rename, you can manually Identify each stand-up concert by clicking Edit and then Identify and entering in the ID found in the URL at tmdb.org. For example the show above's URL would be http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/52958-gallagher-mad-as-hell and the ID is 52958. You'll want to identify the Media Folder as movies to allow the pulling of metadata.

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Thanks for the info! I don't mind manually editing since I add them one at a time anyway. Quick question: where would I edit the info to insert the ID? Am I adding the TMDB ID into the tags of the file? If so, which field am I adding it in?

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Koleckai Silvestri

Once you have the item in the Media Browser database, you can enter the ID in the Identify screen. Or in the field for the Metadata shown on the Edit Screen. If you edit the movie.xml file, you would look for a tag like this: <TMDbId>14161</TMDbId>


Probably easier to just edit it in the metadata editor though. If you follow the naming on the provider site, chances are many will be identified automatically and you won't have to edit a lot of them.

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I have A LOT of Stand-Up Comedy specials and for the most part, MB accurately fetches the metadata.


I typically just name the file exactly as it is on IMDB. However, typically it will be titled COMEDIAN: SPECIAL NAME (YEAR) and colons often are prohibited from file names, but if you just take out the Colon (COMEDIAN SPECIAL NAME (YEAR)) it will usually be recognized.



Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth (2004) -> Dave Chappelle For What It's Worth (2004)

Put it in a folder with the same name and you should be good to go in the majority of cases.

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