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Can't change channel with 1.0.71 or rewind live tv

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Maybe I am missing something but I am having some issues with the live TV section (I have a premier subscription).  I have tried with the Emby App in the official Samsung Store and also with the newest version available on GitHub.  I have a Samsung model: UN55MU630DF and the server is running on my NAS device.  If I go to either recordings or movies I can rewind and fast forward from the remote.  But when in the live TV section, I can't change channels, rewind or fast forward.  I do get the bar at the bottom with the record, rewind and play/pause and fast forward buttons and the gear on the right side.  So I can highlight the fast forward or rewind icons but nothing happens.  And once paused it will start playing again but I can't catch back up to the live broadcast.  I don't think it is my TV buffer settings because it works on the android app. 


Also I can use the casting feature from my phone to the TV and the controls on the phone allow me to fast forward or rewind live TV.  But I don't want to have to use my phone as the remote.


Did I leave anything out?  


Any advice would be much appreciated.


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