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Artist/Album issues - what am I doing wrong ?


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Currently having an issue that I can't seem to figure out.


I have an artist in my music folder with the structure:


\Music Folder


\Album 1

Song 1


\Album 2

\song 1



In the metadata editor on the dashboard the name field for the artist is the name of one of the albums (can change between either if you clear the field and refresh), adding the artist ids in the relevant fields and refreshing does not correct this. Also there is no way to add album or artist ids to an album if you click on its name but you can if you click on a single track ?


It seems the artist is being treated as an album as mb has dropped an album.xml in there but oddly when i had it refresh an album it dropped a folder.xml in there.


I'm sure this is something I've done wrong but would appreciate a bit of help here.


Server Version: 3.0.5238.39498

Client Version: Theater 3.0.5233.39319


Tracks are in FLAC format

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ok so after multiple delete .xml > refresh library cycles this has finally corrected itself. Took at least a dozen cycles :(

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