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Bugged media player in google chrome


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Sending here my iperf results:



Paste the results in text format, I can't read that screenshot.

edit: nevermind, I see, internally you're good.  So, I dunno.

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I already tried that but seems like the issue continued, even if it was that, I do not think that is a solution, if I have films in 1080 and a gigabit connection between my devices is not fair to lower the quality to be able to watch it, what is going to happen then when I try to watch a 4k video?. As I previously told you before plex, vlc (in my computer), internet explorer, or mobile emby app is not giving any type of problem. Are you completely sure it is not a timeout event inside the core of emby, or any other buggy thing?

If you want to investigate further I can even give you acces to my emby so that you can investigate yourself. But this is really disapointing me :(


Kind regards

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OK, changing to plex as I see no aim from the author to fix it even when I did my best to troubleshoot it and wasted my time on it. Just kick this back when you decide to fix it

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