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No Audio on Recorded TV shows in Android only


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I have been using emby for about a month and so far so good.  I seem to have only one weird problem.  There is no audio from my android phone when playing back recorded tv shows.  I have tried the android emby app and have tried the android web browser.  If I download the show to the phone, no problems, plays fine.  Movies and music stream fine to the phone without problem.  This only happens when I try to stream recorded tv shows.  When I pull up stats for nerds, the transcoding says the audio codec is AAC (direct) and Original media is AAC LC.  Live TV plays without a problem as well. Again, the ONLY issue is with the Recorded TV audio, no sound at all. Any ideas of where to look for the issue?  Could it be a missing codec on the phone? I have MX Player with the codecs installed on the phone as well.



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