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Problems white remote, fast forward and playlist


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Hello all,


Im runnig the following config:




  • Hardware:
    • CPU: Intel Celeron CPU N3160 @ 1.60Ghz
    • RAM: 8 GB
  • Software:
    • Firmware version: Build 20180215
    • Emby Server:
    • ffmpeg: 3.4.2
    • Mono: 5.11.0


The Problems im having:

  1. Remote not accesebol/working as show below, cant forward, cant see anny details and cant go back5aabfff016480_Knipsel.png
  2. If I want to play a hole album it will only play one song most of the time, I cant see the play list
  3. Emby is not cutting gables files and if they are cut in seperates there will be a break betwean them.

Tanks in advance,





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Hi, it looks like nothing is playing. Is that right?

No it ain’t


it is playing but it’s not showing on any device what it is playing. This is wat you get to see ore not if you go to the remote. The remote bar is also not showing that’s why I made this screenshot of the separate function.


Also it will only play one song instead of full album, ore mix.



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We are using a DNLAdevice a Yamaha networkplayer NPS303 also we use a Logitech media player.


On the Emby app we select the device we want to play on than we select what we want to play for exempel a album. It will play one song. Not the full album and the Emby ui Will not display what it is playing. What specific details do You nead.

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The staps/problems and the log



Connect to player Yamaha networkplayer NPS303



Play album


Well playing the song there aint a remote showing up as it should Also not on mobile device's


Afthere song 1 the player stops playing aint playng song 2 as it should


Allsowe the Emby server does not open the right Ip when opening instead of the LocalHost::8096/emby it whants to open LocalHost:8920


Thx in advanse


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