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SOLUTION - FreeNAS Emby plugin : How to setup Media


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Personal fixes been tracking past few years and re-hitting now with setting up new FreeNAS 11. with Emby PlugIn and thought I share each in posts.  Hope they help community  :)

Iss.03 - FreeNAS Emby plugin - How to setup Media


FreeNAS plugin Emby plugin cannot see the dataset volumes created in FreeNAS.

Sol.03a - Confirmed

You need to setup storage locations under the emby_1 Jail as follows:

Jails->emby_1->Storage->Add Storage

 Source=/mnt/vol1/Emby_Share/Films (e.g. Films path to dataset source accessed by a share)

 Destination=/media/embyFilms (e.g. Films path under emby jail media folder)

 Create Directory=Ticked (Create the folder if not exist )


Now configure Emby through it web config page to add the media library for use as follows::

Library->Add Media Library (Prompts for required fields)

 Content Type=Movies (e.g. Movies media type added)

 Display Name=Movies (e.g. Movies menu name to show in Emby)

Folders <click + Add> (Prompts for media locations)

 Media Locations <click + > (e.g. Movies menu name to show in Emby)

 <click -> on right of / > (Expand root folder path on FreeNAS)

 <scroll down and choose> /media/embyFilms (e.g. Select /media/embyFilms)

 Prefered meta language <Choose english> (pick desired language for film info)

 Country <Choose United Kingdom> (pick desired Country)

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