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Collections - Not getting Images from themoviedb.org

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I'm having a weird issue with getting images for my Collections created by the plugin Auto Box Sets (v.


My metadata "Preferred language" and "Country" is set to Danish and Denmark.


For all my Movies this works fine, it gets the Danish versions of images if there is any, if not it gets the English / No Language / top voted from themoviedb.org.


But for my Collections / BoxSets it's not getting the "English" or "No Language" from themoviedb.org if there aren't any in danish.

I can change my "Preferred language" to "English" and then "Browse Images" on a Collection folder, then "English" Images will show up but still not the "No Language" ones.


I have tried with my Collection of RED -> http://www.themoviedb.org/collection/163902-red-collection

And it sure has some Backdrops and Primary Images but i just wont fetch them if the language of the images is not the same as the "Preferred language".

And since most Backdrops are "No Language" i cant get those other then getting them manual and uploading them to each Collection.


System: Server

Version: 3.0.5174.21980

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Nope it does not :(

Not getting any Images from themoviedb.org when "Preferred language" is Danish, even if i Check the "All Languages"

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Well all my Metadata is working for all my collections even in Danish, and it found all collections there was to find.

But it just wont get / show Images that are not my "Preferred language"


And this is still only for Collections.

Movies are working as it should

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