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Emby music over bluetooth


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I am not exactly sure what else to elaborate one.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Emby 3.1.92
  • I am connected vie bluetooth to a avh-x4600bt stereo
  • If I play emby music files that are stored in my library through a browser (in my case Firefox) it plays just fine but I lost all interactivity of pausing/play next track etc. so this is not ideal
  • If I use the emby android app to do the same task, it will sometimes work fine at first but will eventually stutter, skip, and hitch trying to play the song
  • Skipping to the next track does not resolve this issue
  • Pausing and playing again does not resolve the issue
  • Sometimes if I disconnect bluetooth and reconnect it, it will work again


I continued to try to narrow down the issue yesterday. Upon connecting the bluetooth car stereo, the skipping started after the second song somewhere in the middle. As mentioned above, pausing and playing and skipping tracks did not resolve the issue. I attempted to disconnect and reconnect bluetooth by cycling bluetooth on and off on my phone. This resulted in the radio displaying an "error 10" which from what I can tell suggests a power failure to bluetooth. I have never had this happen before. The only way to resolve this was to power the vehicle off and back on.


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To add another data point, even after purchasing Premiere and downloading the music I was listen to while traveling, this issues still occurred.  It is hard to say but I think it might be less frequent than when streaming music but I can no confirm it still happens.

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Hi, this may be improved with the next update to the app, so please try again then. Thanks.

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