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laggy / jittery / choppy emby theater UI

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's experiencing laggy/choppy emby theater desktop user interface?  i've had this issue since day dot of the new theater, across multiple PC's, multiple TV's, and still unable to pinpoint it.


Both boxes I've tried it on have been dedicated HTPC's, with nothing but NVidia drivers, emby server, emby theatre, windows 10 and windows 10 with CU, mpchc, lav, madvr.


The current hardware it's running on is asus maximus ix rog mobo, i7-7700K, 16gbddr4-3200mhz, m.2 intel ssd, and gtx 1070, displayed on a Samsung KS9000 tv.  Surely this hardware is capable of running the UI smoothly?


I've also tried changing the increasing the priority on the electron and emby.theatre processes in taskmanager, running as administrator, adjusting NVidia driver settings to run exe's with different quality/performance settings, etc. I've tried reinstalling NVidia drivers, and re-installing emby theatre.


I've noticed the emby theatre UI doesn't load up true full screen no matter what, but instead as a full screen sized window. I found in older versions I was able to shrink to a smaller window, and then re-maximize which would go proper full screen, and I'd get slightly better UI performance, but no dice this time around. Has no effect at all. I'll get a few good seconds of buttery smooth UI transitions, and then jitter city like I've gone back into 23hz.


What I've just thought of now but haven't tested is wiping out all artwork, and getting it to re-download it all to a single location (cache area of emby theater on the ssd).. if that's possible.. instead of the media folders.. or does emby server grab the artworks from the local media folders and cache them anyway? accessing it from there?


another thing to note: emby server is pointing to local drives, ie: G:\Storage\, as opposed to network location \\MEDIA-PC\Storage, as Emby Theater is also running on the same box as the server app.


anyone experienced it or know anything else I can try? 



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I think I know what you mean. I was regularly getting choppy performance on first starting ET on my Win7 HTPC. There'd be a burst of network traffic to the (separate) Emby Server, and the UI would be jerky and unresponsive - certainly not smooth scrolling. Often even after a minute or two, not all images would load on the main home screen, and opening movies would not work reliably. I'd have to exit ET, then restart it. On the second start, things might be better, but the UI would still take 1-2 minutes to be usable. I think Electron is at the heart of this. It's updated very regularly, but bugs seem to be prevalent.


I decided to take a closer look the other day, as it reached a point where it was *really* bugging me. I took the risk of manually deleting all the files in \data\electron\cache and \data\electron\GPUcache folders, then restarting ET. There was a short wait while the cache was re-populated, but I've certainly noticed that ET now loads quicker, and the UI is more responsive. Might be worth a shot. FYI, I'm still running 2.5.40 to keep MadVR support. I'll wait and see what the devs come up with to re-instate MadVR for video files before considering an upgrade.

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