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Found 7 results

  1. Hi - I seem to have found that there is something missing really from the Emby GUI which I think would really help users in navigation - unless you can show me where it can be found? Context: I am running Emby Theatre in Desktop Mode, on a Windows 10 machine, where Windows is under Kiosk Mode and on a touch screen. There is no mouse or Keyboard available to the user. When a user plays a film from the Thumbnail Selection Page, once the video starts to play, and if the user chooses to hit the full screen button (bottom right), now the user exits the film (using the back arrow in the top left of the screen), the user is literally left no way to exit the full screen mode or indeed the Emby Application, without going back into another film, hitting the Full screen button again (to toggle it back off), and then being able to exit the application. I did consider writing a AutoHotkey script for a button which would stay on top in full screen mode, but alas, the Stay On Top won't work (and probably rightly so in full screen mode). Perhaps I can get an understanding if I am missing something or if this is a feature which may be added into a future version to support better navigation for this use-case? Many thanks for your help again
  2. Skyobliwind

    Web/GUI Performance

    Hi, I couldn't find any post regarding website performance (not Playback), so I start a new one then: I'm not sure If this is the right subforum, but I think it's more general then FreeBSD based. (If not feel free to move it whe it matches better.) First my Setup: Embyplugin on FreeNAS 2Gbits local Connection from the Server 300 Mbits Download 250-300 Mbits Upload to the Internet CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 32GB 3200Mhz ECC Kingston Storage: 120 GB SSD containing FreeNas System 3x5TB 2,5 5600rpm HDD in RaidZ(Raid5 on FreeNas software base) containing the Data Plugins installed: Anime, Cinema Intros, DLNA, DVD Folder Support, Fanart.tv, MovieDB, NFO Metadata, OMDb, OpenSubtitles, PortMapper, Studio Images, TheAudioDb, TheTVDb The Problem: The Webinterface often(not always) reacts slowly, when clicking on my profile for example it sometimes takes 10 seconds, sometimes opens up instant and sometimes doesn't open up until reload... The same can occur on any other button(subpage) in the Interface. The Url instantly changes to the new one, but the page itself doesn't change. What may be the reasons for this? I often read it may be a plugin problem? Or is it the HDDs that are too slow? (But shouldn't the HDDs just impact the Playback/Movie Libary and not the whole interface?) Do you have any tips to improve the performance? I can't imagine the hardware being to slow... Regards
  3. I have noticed that the Emby Theater for Windows (as well as the web browser playback) is lacking some of the UI elements/features of the Android TV app during Live TV playback. Such as the mini bar style guide option, and the Also On bar, with the shows thumbnails. Really would like to see these elements added to the Windows Theater and web player. As it stands, in Theater and web, u can not view the Guide or On Now unless u stop play back entirely and navigate back to those pages. It just just has a much more basic toolbar at the bottom. The bottom tool bar is much better in the Android TV App. Edit: added screen caps of the GUI things in the Android TV app that I am referring to.
  4. GUI design elements/features that need addressing. Present in the Win 10 Store Emby app and Emby Theater (desktop software). I primarily use the Win 10 (Store App) Guide button and Guide page tab only shows in TV Horizontal mode. No way to access Guide in any other view mode (Desktop/Tablet) No Guide Button or top tab on any pages in TV Mode Vertical. No "More" or "ALL" button to expand "On Now" section to see all of what is on in TV Mode Horizontal. This option exists in TV Mode Vertical mode and in the other view modes. (this is something I really would use to see a full page of what is on all channels, via thumbnails, but then i have no access to the Guide in those view modes) The "Continue Watching" sections in each library u click into (where u can just click the thumbnail box for the recently played vid) is only present in TV Mode Horizontal. Also, Emby Theater (Desktop software) is not good on high DPI scaled displays (like my 4K laptop) in anything other than TV Mode. The other view modes result in super tiny font and some of the menu options are hidden.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's experiencing laggy/choppy emby theater desktop user interface? i've had this issue since day dot of the new theater, across multiple PC's, multiple TV's, and still unable to pinpoint it. Both boxes I've tried it on have been dedicated HTPC's, with nothing but NVidia drivers, emby server, emby theatre, windows 10 and windows 10 with CU, mpchc, lav, madvr. The current hardware it's running on is asus maximus ix rog mobo, i7-7700K, 16gbddr4-3200mhz, m.2 intel ssd, and gtx 1070, displayed on a Samsung KS9000 tv. Surely this hardware is capable of running the UI smoothly? I've also tried changing the increasing the priority on the electron and emby.theatre processes in taskmanager, running as administrator, adjusting NVidia driver settings to run exe's with different quality/performance settings, etc. I've tried reinstalling NVidia drivers, and re-installing emby theatre. I've noticed the emby theatre UI doesn't load up true full screen no matter what, but instead as a full screen sized window. I found in older versions I was able to shrink to a smaller window, and then re-maximize which would go proper full screen, and I'd get slightly better UI performance, but no dice this time around. Has no effect at all. I'll get a few good seconds of buttery smooth UI transitions, and then jitter city like I've gone back into 23hz. What I've just thought of now but haven't tested is wiping out all artwork, and getting it to re-download it all to a single location (cache area of emby theater on the ssd).. if that's possible.. instead of the media folders.. or does emby server grab the artworks from the local media folders and cache them anyway? accessing it from there? another thing to note: emby server is pointing to local drives, ie: G:\Storage\, as opposed to network location \\MEDIA-PC\Storage, as Emby Theater is also running on the same box as the server app. anyone experienced it or know anything else I can try? Cheers
  6. Diedrich

    REQ: Improved bread crumbs

    I like the bread crumbs feature but I feel that they need to be more detailed. There needs to be one more level of hierarchy. This would provide the user a quick return to the main TV library without having to make three extra clicks as it is now. Current: Proposed: edit: sorry! Wrong forum. Should be in the Feature Requests forum.
  7. plessers@gmail.com

    DVD-case overlay

    I noticed on my WP-app that before the coverart is loaded, an generic image of a DVD-case is displayed. Maybe it is possible to display the coverart behind the (semi)transparant DVD-case. I used to work with an app on my iPod for XBMC/KODI very intuitive interface. I know, not everybody likes this, but maybe a possibility to "skin" the app? regards, B
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