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artist.nfo not being generated on artist folder, some metadata missing


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Sorry i know this has been answered before.


I searched the forums and found users with the same problem, but i dont know if i should bring back an old post or make a new one.


Same problem: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43502-emby-generating-artistnfo-on-emby-servermetadataartists-instead-of-artist-folder-and-not-fetching-artist-bio/


Artists/albuns added some time ago are good, every .nfo is in the correct folder and everything is ok for these in the metadata manager and music catalog.


For recent added artists emby generates an artist.nfo under \Emby-Server\metadata\artists and the genre tag is missing when i check in the metadata manager.


This is anoying specially when browsing a genre, these newly added artist wont show up.


The option 'Save artwork and metadata into media folders' is ticked.


When i move the .nfo manually to the artist folder seems to work, the artists pop under the genre in the music catalog.


Im using version


Thanks in advance

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