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Yatse with Emby support


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​Shuffle is random. It picks a random one from the list and plays that song that is all fine, however a randomized playlist is not the same thing as shuffle playlist. The shuffler does not care about the content (though some shuffles try to stay wihin the theme), a randomizer can have limitations based on certain parameters like not repeating the same song, picking only one song from each album in the processing etc.


First of all a randomized playlist will show you what is coming up next since you can see the next song in the list as long as the shuffle mode is disabled for a randomized playlist. Also you have a chance to reorder a randomized playlist. On the otherhand it is hard to create a randomized playlist by hand because that would be tedious and it still would not be as random as an application picking songs from a database of thousands of songs.


Look, I love your app, it is great and I believe that it provides much better "music" listening experience than the Emby app. The Emby app cant even create a proper playlist from the database, the user has to pick stuff manually. It is ok for listening your library one album at a time and offers limited discovery from the music library. I am not a fan of it myself and that is why Yatse offers much better music experience with Emby.

​Basically it would be nice if the user can create a truely randomized playlist with some kind of number limitation. Lets say that  the user is able to create a  truely random 100 item playlist from the whole database which Yatse picks those items properly from the list depending on the number of items in the playlist and the number of songs ratio. As you can see this would not work with shuffle idea because the shuffler would know or care what is in the playlist. You can shuffle the next song in an album (like Emby does), however a randomized playlist will require certain parameters to create the playlist, once done there is no need for any kind of shuffle anymore.


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Well Yatse does already support that as I tried to explain quite a few time :)


In all screen there's a play button. Pressing that play button then play all random will play what is on screen in a random order.

But without being shuffled, so you know what is coming next as the playlist is in the correct order.


As a side note, shuffle mode is smart, it takes random items in the playlist but without playing 2 times the same, meaning if you play an album in random order you are assured to listen to all songs before it start playing an already listened song.


So both needs are covered.


Now back to play all random.

Yatse supports smart filters

that allow you to create virtually any list of any songs / albums / artists based on any filter you want.


You can filter all songs with rating > 5 and year between 2000 and 2010 and genre is Z and artist is not XXX.


Then press play all random and voila you have exactly what you asked for :)


For the moment there's no number limit, but in the end limits are not that important, more songs than wanted will still play the number of songs you wanted to ear ;)

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Yatse 8.0.0 is now out


* Important: Android 4.0.x is no more supported. Yatse now have API 16 (Jelly Bean) as a minimal requirement.

* Added: Complete new internal audio player. (Based on Exoplayer)

* Added: Internal audio player now support gapless playback for compatible media.

* Added: Complete Android Auto support.

* Changed: Playlist tabs in file view are now entries in the normal files list.

* Updated: Updated Hungarian translation thanks to AcCEsS.

* Fixed: Many internal changes for always more stability and better future.

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Any chance at adding the capability to launch Emby Theater to the yatze remote?  I can cast to the server but this brings up the web app if I am correct, and i greatly prefer emby theater or emby for WMC.  Perhaps you could add or point me to a method of sending command line input to a given machine so that I might also be able to launch emby for WMC as well.  

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Well Yatse have no way to start those remotely.


Maybe Emby does start an UPnP renderer and then start the web server but it's not something I have control over.

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I do not post all updates here but Yatse is monthly updated :)


Yatse 8.1.6 is published


* Changed: Applied new better internals to Addons / PVR and Files part of the application.

* Added: Plex and Emby wizards now properly auto detect HTTPS mode and no longer require advanced settings edition.

* Added: Sort by track number for Music Videos.

* Fixed: Editing Custom Commands.

* Fixed: Some issues with action bar title sometimes showing up when it should not.

* Fixed: Artist name missing in now playing playlist.

* Fixed: Remapped button left / right of volume auto repeat being activated.

* Fixed: Workaround for one more JSON Kodi bug: Returning random strings for now playing items durations from RSS (Trac:17753 if anyone care at Kodi team ;)).

* Fixed: Some reported issues and tons of optimizations.

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Hi Tolriq


I use Yatse (Pro) for a long time with Kodi.

Since one year I use Emby as media server (Win10).


AFAIK Yatse can be used with Kodi 18 (I use Kodi 18 vor some months).


But can it be used, if I use Kodi with EmbyCon Addon instead of "Emby for Kodi" Addon?

With EmbyCon Kodi is not using a sql database, so I think Yatse can not be used for Kodi, if used together with EmbyCon Addon, or am I wrong?


Yatse only finds most of my series, but not the last (newest) ones, so I think it could be old data, that is found.

Movies and music will not be found and stays at "0".


Before I fumble around for a while longer, can you say me, if I'm right?


Did you test yatse together with EmbyCon Addon?



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Well without logs I can't tell anything.


Except that Yatse fully support every single Kodi version including latest alphas.


I don't know what those addons do inside Kodi, but Yatse offers native Emby support so you can stream from Emby to Kodi without any addon inside Kodi.


But latest Kodi 18 have some major bugs still not fixed so it may not work in every cases.

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Yes, I know, that Yatse support Emby natively and I use that too.

But I use Kodi as Clien at home and Yatse to control Kodi, regardless that Kodi uses Emby as server.


But since EmbyCon not uses the internal Kodi database (like "Emby for Kodi" does) and display and play media items on the Emby server directly, I am afraid, that Yatse can't get any media infos from Kodi, since Kodi hasn't them in it's own database.


Perhaps @ can say something about this?

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But what is your goal ? :)


Yatse can connect to Emby natively and play on your Kodi regardless of any addons installed on your Kodi. Just select Emby as source and Kodi as player.

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Yes it'e planned, the thing is that for some things I'm blocked by Kodi that does not support everything properly and well I usually only add things that works for all supported things.

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Long time since I posted here :)


Yatse is updated monthly https://community.yatse.tv/c/release-annoucements


Version 8.6.0 is published


Yatse still needs your help to counter Google robots :) If you own a blog or a website and are willing to talk about Yatse please contact us.

Or if you know a Googler that is not a bot and can actually answer other things than automated responses :)


* Added: Add new Smart Sync feature, to automatically download episodes and/or remove watched ones to your local device for easy offline watching during commutes without worrying about it. (Fully configurable per show or season)

* Added: Add new setting to limit downloads to Wifi only. (With auto pause when no more on Wifi)

* Added: Enabled Spanish language for AI voice commands.

* Fixed: Fix Yatse working in proxy mode in some sharing case.

* Fixed: Fix some UPnP discovery issues.

* Fixed: Fix Kodi 16 music sync.

* Fixed: Fixed MPC detection for Kodi 18. (Requires Kodi 18 beta 1)

* Fixed: Fix Media Player Classic custom commands.

* Fixed: Fix favorites sorting.

* Fixed: Update Google libraries to try to fix some rare crashes. (As always please report any bugs)

* Fixed: Fix streaming for Kodi versions that continues to ship with broken LibMicroHttpd....

* Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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I am trying to configure Yatse to work together with my Emby server but am running into issues. The Yatse client is not allowing the hostname for my Emby server (media.subdomain.domain.org). How do I configure this?

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#Yatse 8.6.5 released.


* Added: Support Fire TV as network player/renderer.

* Added: Added easy source library filtering, you can now apply global filter to each library category to only show content related to that source in your media center. (For Kodi, works better with v18)

* Added: Smart filters selection lists now includes filtering.

* Added: Get ignore articles list from Kodi 18 to support more languages. (Require Kodi 18 Beta 1)

* Added: Queue URI to API and Tasker plugin.

* Added: A few more details to albums/artists info page when available and new design for some info screens.

* Fixed: Next episode part in overviews could be missing sometimes.

* Fixed: Language setting not always working on recent Android versions.

* Fixed: First sharing sometimes not working.

* Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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You are not supposed to enter https just enter mydomain.net


https is not part of an host name but a protocol.


I suppose I should trim it automatically. (Will do for next release)


But for all others, https://yatse.tv/Debug providing logs allows me to solve any possible issues, not giving them can only generate random guesses :)

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Everything advertised does works hence the 4.73 rating ;)


And you can get refund from Google for 24/48h by just clicking on your wallet and say mistake purchase ;)

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#Yatse 8.7.0 released.


* Overview and home pages are now fully configurable. (Visible sections and order)

* New overview and home page design + many other design tweaks. (More to come)

* You can now hide tabs you never use in interface settings.

* Added support for new Kodi 18 option Use artist sortname. (Require Kodi 18 Beta3)

* Muzei support is back with Muzei 3.0 API.

* Option to show response for HTTP Custom Command plugin.

* Try to automatically fix some user input errors in wizards.

* Streaming Emby PVR from the EPG view.

* Workaround for Netflix plugin that returns wrong media types for shows.

* Many internals updated / migrated to Kotlin.

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