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Question about cast & Crew thumbnail images


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Hi, we'll take a look at this, thanks.

@@Luke Did you made some progress ? I still have false actor and poster images in the "gallery view" (if I select "poster view"). Only if I directly click on the actor or the poster and get the detailed page the images is displayed with the correct ratio.


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My opinion as of right now that it should be left as it is.



Mh, can I ask why? Did you don't have these false aspect ratio images in your poster-view?. I think the current solution is not optimal. Like the attached image in comment #24 (actor view) or the current attached image (movie poster view) you can see that if the images does not have the right ratio aspect (like 1:1,5) the images is distorted.

In my opinion, I would rather see a not distorted image (with black bars or zoomed-in) in the poster view as a distorted image. For all images that have the right aspect ratio, nothing changes, but the images that do not have the right ratio will at least displayed correctly.
(At least emby server should always download/select images with the correct ratio if they are multiple different images available...even if this is not the highes rated).
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Or something like this








Instead of this



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