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Audio Passthrough doesn't work properly


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so first here is my configuration :


Emby 3.0.8300.0

myKodi 17 Krypton Beta 3

Emby for Kodi Beta 1.0.5

All that on a QNAP 253A to HDMI amp.


I understand that my problem maybe comes from the Beta combo Kodi 17 x Emby for Kodi but maybe it's something else I'm missing.


First of all I started by installing Kodi 17 without Emby, with my library on the same server and everything was working perfectly with audio passthrough enabled, the 5.1 sounds was working well either in AC3, DTS or AAC5.1

(I installed the last beta Kodi version because I have a lot of film in H265 and it's the only one that supports it perfectly for the moment).


And so I decided to centralize all my library through Emby to manage it more easily from my laptop.

I've installed the last version of Emby on my QNAP server who works nicely, and the last beta Emby for Kodi add-on finally (cause it's the only one that works on Kodi 17).


I didn't have any issue to sync everything, all my films appear great in Kodi.

I configured the playback in the Emby add-on options in native path and with no transcode option activated.


And there my problem comes:

I can play all the video really fine (H.264, H.265) with the audio passthrough in AAC 2.0 but when I play a AAC 5.1 file the back speakers have the same sound coming from the front speakers. And when I try to play AC3 or DTS file it's worst and no sound comes out at all.


I tried to deactivate the audio passthrough and the sound is back but with no proper decoding of the 5.1 obviously.


I don't know what to do, I only know that the problem comes from the sync with the Emby library because it was working well before I decided to use the Emby add-on, when I had my files directly linked to Kodi.


Anyone can help me ?


Thanks so much!

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I don't see how this is an issue with the addon?


Can you set up a second profile for testing. Add one title for testing, enable Kodi debug, playback. Then do the same with the title in Emby for Kodi, with Kodi debug enabled. Provide both logs.


Honestly doubt it's anything to do with the addon. It only inserts the path to your content. Kodi takes care 100% of the playback process.



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Hello again,


my apologies, I solved my problem, you was true it was an error with Kodi, for some reasons it couldn't find my HDMI output since I uploaded the add-on. It magically appeared again and I just had to relinked it in the audio parameters. Your answer was useful cause I could focus more my research to solve the problem on that part.


Thanks again and see you soon!

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