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Hi all,


I upgraded from beta to beta yesterday, and since then I notice that the "Scan Media Library" and "Refresh People" are no longer working correctly.


Whether I leave the system to kick off the tasks, or if I manually start them, neither one actually completes. All other tasks under Scheduled Tasks work fine (chapter image extraction/clean database/download missing subtitles).


If I kick off the tasks they will get to different percentages every time and then hang. Sometimes as little as 10%, other times as high as 88.7% but it hasn't gone further than that.


I left the two tasks running through the whole night and they hadn't moved, so it doesn't seem to be that it just needs time to complete. My media is only 547GB at the moment.


The server has not hung because I can still watch media, and I can also use the stop buttons to stop these two tasks.

I did also delete all the files in C:\Users\<Profile>\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\ScheduledTasks to make sure that wasn't the problem, and then restarted the service. When that did not work, I also restarted the machine.


I'm running Emby as a service on Windows 10 x64 that is fully patched.

Latest log file attached.




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Hi, there's no execution of refresh people in this log, but I doubt that it's hung. I would just let it finish. If you think there's still an issue, then please supply a log that reflects the provided screenshot. Thanks!

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I swear my Emby is trying to make me look bad (haha) because both finished after I posted my question above.


Thank you for your speedy response though.

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