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Found 3 results

  1. zabas.net

    Scan Media Library

    Buenas: Cuento lo que me pasa con los contenedores mkv: - Uso el programa MetaX para etiquetar los ficheros mkv. Con este programa se establecen los metadatos en el fichero, tales como "Título", "Actores", "Director", "Género", "Año", etc... Además de su correspondiente imagen de carátula y sus descripciones cortas y largas. Dicho esto, en el explorador de Windows mostrando las miniaturas se ve perfectamente la carátula de la película mkv. Al acceder a las propiedades del archivo mkv y ver la ficha "Detalles" veo la información que ha agredado el programa MetaX. En este punto, el fichero mkv está correctamente etiquetado y catalogado en sus metadatos. Ahora bien. Ejecuto la tarea "Scan Media Library". Me aparece la nueva película en mi lista. Pero resulta que la película no es la misma que tengo etiquetada y catalogada. Un ejemplo: la película "Old Boy" tiene una versión asiática y otra americana. Pues bien, si agrego la versión asiática emby siempre va a internet a buscar los metadatos, y por defecto escoge la versión americana. Mi pregunta es: Puede Emby leer primero los metadatos del fichero .mkv y usarlos en vez de los de internet, o tengo yo algo mal configurado? Gracias!
  2. Hi all, I'm running Emby as a service on Windows 10 x64. Current version is (yes I know there is a newer version, I will update, but the problem I will describe has occurred over multiple versions) My media was split between multiple drives. Recently I cleaned it up and consolidated it all only one HDD. When I scan my media library now, it never completes. Only way to get it to stop running is if you restart the service. If I disconnect from the internet then the scan completes, so my best guess is that it is unable to pull information from IMDB or one of the other options and is getting stuck on a file or folder. I obviously did try clean up the %appdata%\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\ScheduledTasks folder in case there was an issue with the temp data there. Any ideas would be appreciated. Server log is attached. ServerLog.txt
  3. Hi all, I upgraded from beta to beta yesterday, and since then I notice that the "Scan Media Library" and "Refresh People" are no longer working correctly. Whether I leave the system to kick off the tasks, or if I manually start them, neither one actually completes. All other tasks under Scheduled Tasks work fine (chapter image extraction/clean database/download missing subtitles). If I kick off the tasks they will get to different percentages every time and then hang. Sometimes as little as 10%, other times as high as 88.7% but it hasn't gone further than that. I left the two tasks running through the whole night and they hadn't moved, so it doesn't seem to be that it just needs time to complete. My media is only 547GB at the moment. The server has not hung because I can still watch media, and I can also use the stop buttons to stop these two tasks. I did also delete all the files in C:\Users\<Profile>\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\ScheduledTasks to make sure that wasn't the problem, and then restarted the service. When that did not work, I also restarted the machine. I'm running Emby as a service on Windows 10 x64 that is fully patched. Latest log file attached. server-63609685337.txt
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