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Playback issues when changing res&bitrate under direct play, no transcoding

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When playing a movie in some browsers (mainly Chrome) if res/bitrate menu is pulled up and the account is set to absolutely no transcoding the movie will stall or crash if the bitrate/resolution is changed. Initially it will show "Direct Play" but once change "Direct Play option disappears.




The next picture will show that "Direct Play" disappears once it has initially changed to anothe Bitrate/Res. Granted sometime depending on browser you are able select a bitrate/res higher then the file and it will go back to "Direct Play" but lots of times it will just crash until transcoding is turn on and changed during playback.




Proposed solution:


 Simply add an option under "Users>Profiles" called "Direct Play Only" which will disable the menu to change bitrate/res and should disable/ grey out the following option under "User/Profile" when enabled:

1. Media Playback > "Allow Audio Playback that Requires Transcoding" and "Allow Video Playback that Requires Transcoding"

2. Sync > Allow Syncing that Requires Transcoding


for the log the log that has the issue is 7/12/2016


URL: https://fileserver.jpwservices.net

Username: emby

Password: 12345



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the direct play is just a label change to make people happy. the app doesn't find out that it's direct playing until after it has started, therefore that's why you see the 1080p - 60mbps option in the 2nd screenshot. selecting that option may give you direct play depending on the video and other criteria.

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The reason why you see an error is because you've changed to a quality that requires transcoding and the user doesn't have permission for that. The error message and user experience certainly need to be improved, no doubt there. It's just not a heavily used option so right now it's only implemented in basic form which is simply to not allow transcoding.

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is it possible to get the propose solution? Iknow this isn't a heavily used option right now but I can see it being a heavier used option in the future, mainly for those of us who control the bandwidth by limiting it by the bitrate of the file itself and for those of use who want to be able to handle more streams at a time without transcoding speed being a limiting factor. Also noobs are clicking causing it to break video playback.


BTW its no secret that bandwidth from ISP's is moving at a faster speed then the speed of processors right now. I have an i7-3930k and its still a top of the line processor and its 4 years old, aside from th i7-5960x that was just released a year ago. Plus like I mentioned before better to have each user handle the processing than the server. Lastly the point of me posting this is to get a fix. Its a pain to report these bugs so if I'm taking time out to report I have an expectation of a fix. No disrespect I'm not posting to have discussion about an issue but to have a conversation with how the problem will be and when it will be resolved. I bought this product mainly because of its ability to disable transcoding as it is the VERY reason I chose it over Plex. If its going to be a lengthy time period for the bugs I'm asking to fix to be completed simply because I'm not the majority then that's your business but then the software isn't meeting my needs and if that's the case then I may need to consider a refund for my lifetime key. Sorry to sound all business and to the point but that's just the way it is. If the product seems like it will meet the needs then buy it but if afterwards it isn't what you thought then take it back, pretty simple.


Okay, another add-on, lol Anyway one thing I do know the best software on the market generally always is very robust and meets the needs of several different types of users for the category of software, in fact that is what makes a particular piece of software special. When a software becomes that good then the revenue stream generally never quites as long as new features come along and no major bugs pop-up. Squashing bugs is seriously important. I know v3.1 is around the corner and I hope bugs are being squashed and my issues are resolved in it as well but prefer some fixes in 3.0 as I need them now.

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