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Metadata Manager recursive refresh

Ben Z

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Ben Z

Is it possible to, when you're in metadata manager, if you change some settings in a media folder, it appplies on everything inside the folder during refresh?




I have set english and USA as my default language and country for metadatas. While everything is in english, I like to get the overviews in a different language (french) for my movies. 


To do so, I go to metadata manager, click on the movie folder, change the language for "french", uncheck name and genre (because I want to keep english genres and english titles) and I click save. Then, I refresh.

The expected result should be that only titles and genres stay in english while everything else is in french on all movies inside the folder, which is not the case right now. As of now, doing this would just ignore the specific selections and modify everything in french.


It would be awesome to have this feature!

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