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Roku Media Center Menu not working

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I had to give up this thread as I started playing around with my network and I took it off the domain.   Now I cannot get it back on the windows domain.   And will most likely restart this media server from scratch.


This wound up being disastrous as I had a stand alone media server box with a mess of access and directory rights which I guess were hosed up from being on the domain previously.  I had to rebuild the media server and lost all of my metadata about what has been watched.  But other then that I was able to recover.


the issue with Roku access I believe was the screwed up directory rights, even though I had explicitly given the rights to the Roku user.


But I did come up with a script which cleaned the rights and set it back to default.   This then allowed access and the Rokus to see the content.


The script was, icacls  * /t /q /c /reset.

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