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Currently I have an HDHR Prime on my network consuming 256 Clear QAM from my linear TV provider.  In this configuration I don't have an M-Card installed, so I don't have the benefit of it mapping the RF Channels to Virtual Channels.  Instead it creates its own RF to Virtual Channel map and assigns channel numbers in the 5000s.  I've mapped these HDHR virtual 5000 number channels to the virtual channel number my linear TV provider assigns them in their network.


My question is if Emby TV, or through the use of a M3U/XLTV file, will I eventually be able to create these virtual assignments myself to make up for the lack of an M-Card?  If so, is there a tentative timeline?



Thank you!

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you might be able to do it now with m3u. demand for m3u seems to be fairly limited, therefore it's going to require a proactive community member who can take on some responsibility of identifying what needs to be done with it.

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