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Manual login page problem


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While testing version 590 I tried to login manually to Emby, with the manual login option.

I noticed that there is no "Sign In" button so it's hard to tell if you triggered the login or not.


I think I'm also facing a login problem since when I put the wrong password and press <Enter> the app will give me a message that the user or password are wrong but when I put the correct password the app is not doing anything and it's not login in either.


Since there is no "Login" button I can't tell if the app is really trying to login or not unless I check the server logs.


Can anyone else try to do a manual login and tell me if it's working for you?


On the other hand adding a "Login" or "Sign In" buttong would not hurt I guess. :)

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I get the same error logging on manually

Thanks for checking this. Maybe @@chessdragon136 can fix it for the next release.



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