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Server - A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification


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A Suggestion on Cues and UI pertaining to Identification...


It seems that Identification of albums is only performed once on initial ingestion....maybe thats the same for all media types?

It seems If no ID (MBZ?) is attributed to the album during initial ingestion, then no amount of scans or refreshes, advanced or otherwise would ever check the ID is correct, or try to fetch a missing ID.

If a primary ID provider is down during initial ingestion, doesn't the user need a way to bulk identify objects?


If the user has gone to the trouble of clicking refresh ...

  • would it not be good for MB3 to retry to retrieve a primary identification for objects that do not currently have one..in case the provider was down during initial ingestion (or some other issue)?
  • might it not be good for the user to be able to ask that content already with ids is reevaluated..(because the current identification is known to be false or the providor has changed their ids)?
  • might it not be good for the user to be able to check that IDs are correct (eg for when matching logic has improved or the provider has changed their master info), so that mismatched IDs are included in reports for manual correction when required?


It was not obvious imo in the current interface that refreshes do not attempt primary identification...


Would there be a downside to identification being part of the default refresh for objects without primary id?

Could the other options be added to the advanced refresh ui?


Perhaps MB3 could beef up the remedial UIs (perhaps accessible from the quick overview pane in dashboard ui)

  • Red Exclamation (as is current) for not identified - launch UI to choose correct match (or allow manual/null/give up) - (Identification Results could be presented more clearly and searches could be more targeted when possible e.g.. include artist in album searches)
  • Amber Exclamation - A (potential) mismatch, worthy of further investigation..the providers name for ID does not match the library's name, or The ID no longer exists on providor.

For casual users for something as critical as identification, and fuller more accessible remedial interface to identify/correct the outlying cases would make the ui more informative and immersive imo.

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