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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I manage to add a public, so not password protected share of a samba server as a library folder, which seems to work just fine. \\servers-hostname-or-address\sharename It took me a while to figure out that I really have to use windows style network share annotation BTW, despite anything here is Unix-ish, including the docker host and the Emby docker image.. so smb:// is simply not understood... Perhaps It would be great the documentation mentioned that somehow. If told where I'd not hesitate to contribute that tiny little However, I'd like my Emby Server to store metadata as NFO, and thumbnails along with my media files. So that obviously requires write access. For obvious reasons I'd not like to share my media file directories writeable without any password protection at all. So how would I enter the URL with username and password? Or does Emby even offer a better way to identify itself to a windows like samba server? I don't have any active directory or anything. It is really the dumbest and least advanced version of a samba config I could manage to get a modern samba version to agree on running with. TIA for any hints. Casaper PS: Currently I have that working but quirky and not ideally as SMB-Shares mounted natively to the docker host system and then linked to emby server with additional volumes.
  2. TECH3

    Bug after update to

    Hello, I just installed the version of emby and since then I can't find my media. I tried to return to the previous version no change.... I scan my media on a second network server via samba and I have not had any problems so far at this level. Anyone have any ideas? Sincerely.
  3. Emsanator

    Downloaded files are size zero

    Hello I can play videos with SAMBA, but unfortunately the posters and other pictures of the videos can't download to the samba-loaded hard drive. Poster and subtitle files are also included for the folder, but they are zero in size. SAMBA Config: [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server Version %v security = USER map to guest = Bad User log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 50 idmap config * : backend = tdb cups options = raw syslog only = yes syslog = 2 name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast host preferred master = auto domain master = auto local master = yes printcap name = /dev/null load printers = no browseable = yes writeable = yes printable = no guest account = emby smb encrypt = disabled use sendfile = yes [Filmler] path = /home/Filmler read only = no guest ok = yes available = yes browsable = yes writable = yes public = yes [Diziler] path = /home/Diziler read only = no guest ok = Yes available = yes browsable = yes writable = yes public = yes [root@[member="tv1"] ~]# getfacl /home/Diziler/The\ Good\ Doctor/ getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names # file: home/Diziler/The Good Doctor/ # owner: emby # group: emby user::rwx group::rwx other::rwx [root@[member="tv1"] ~]# getfacl /home/ getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names # file: home/ # owner: emby # group: emby user::rwx user:emby:rwx group::r-x mask::rwx other::rwx What could be the reason
  4. hey all, thx for reading. i have freenas jail running emby server, and has been running somewhat happily for some time. im running out of room on the freenas and also have no spare sata connector on the mb, so, i used the hdds from my older nas setup, and booted up another nix type nas OS to use the extra sata and storage. here is my current problem, emby under freenas(freebsd) cannot access the smb or nfs shares unless they seem to be exposed to the current jail. For the love of god, ive tried setting up mount and mount_smbfs, but say "not permitted" emby to use smb or nfs share on another pc is what im basically asking. many thx in advance, D
  5. thalysguimaraes

    Problem accessing a network drive on DietPi

    Hey, I'm trying to configure an Emby server on a RPI3 running DietPi. My media is on a Seagate Personal Cloud NAS, and I was able to mount it using the DietPi disk manager on /mnt/segate, but somehow when I try to configure the library on Emby it doesn't recognize any media. It recognizes the path, but doesn't load anything. I think it's not a misconfiguration on the NAS mount because all other instances installed on DietPi can access the folder. Any thoughts?
  6. Hello, looking to get my home network figured out and then have it reachable externally. I thought I hit all the points - guess not. My setup: My install of Linux Mint. My fstab has been modified to mount at boot another drive so Emby sees it at startup and that part works. Going to http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/home.htmlshows the Emby homepage with my media. Problem is I cannot access outside of the box. I have samba installed too for file sharing and here is the section relating to the shared files [Movies] comment = Emby Movies path = /home/toast/Videos/Movies browsable = yes guest ok = yes I have also setup port forwarding as well. Emby TCP 8096 8096 N/A Edit x However as http://www.canyouseeme.org/ states my port is not open and cannot see me. The devices I am sharing to are a Roku 3 and my phone, neither of which are making connections when on my home network.
  7. Good evening everybody! I just switched to emby from several years of Plex usage - and so far, I'm loving it. Old setup: Synology Storage with Plex running on it, clients connecting via regular Plex Players or Kodi with PlexBMC-Plugin. Worked until the load on the synologies cpu got too high. New setup: Synology hosts movies and tv shows on samba shares, emby is running on a windows 10 machine (in my own user account), accessing these samba shares. First client is Kodi with emby plugin, accessing via local network (= running on the same machine). First problem: While setting the libs up, I had to enable the guest account on the synology just to make the samba shares visible to emby. (They were mounted in windows with my credentials). Adding the unc-Paths didn't help. But ok, guest access to these 2 shares is fine. Important problem: While playing tv shows, the playback hangs after ~60 Minutes. No matter if I started a new episode in between. It just hangs and after some seconds the playback completely stops (or starts the next episode, depending on the playlist). I already found out that my samba connection seems to drop in that moment. At least windows reports the shares as disconnected and it has some trouble reconnecting to them. That lasts for 1-2 Minutes, then everything is back to normal - until the next 60 Minutes pass. Also the synology doesn't show my cifs-shares as in use (and corrects that info after windows managed to connect back). I haven't tried to reproduce it with playback in my browser or with active transcoding. Did I miss anything? Can someone help me?
  8. Let me start off by saying while I have a lot of experience with windows server, I am new to Ubuntu/linux, so please forgive me if this is a very easy issue to solve. I am running windows server 2008 R2 on my main server with media stored on several raid arrays and shared via windows file sharing across my network. I also run several virtual machines on this box via hyper-v, one of which is Ubuntu server 16.04 LT (command line only) with Emby Server. The Ubuntu server connects to several of the windows shared folders via CIFS (attached the FSTAB configuration file) and mounts automatically when the VM boots. I set up the Ubuntu/Emby VM last October and it worked perfectly until I started getting errors about a month ago. Now after the Emby server has been running for a few errors hours my Movies or TV shows all disappear from Emby. When I open up the Ubuntu server console via hyper-V I get two errors that repeat: “CIFS VFS: Error -104 sending data on socket to server” and “CIFS VFS: Error -32 sending data on socket to server” There is significant network traffic be directed towards the windows server machine and the Ubuntu virtual server has above average CPU usage. When I reboot the error temporarily disappears but comes back after a few hours later. I tried rolling the VM back to a clean install (circa October 2016) but after installing all the ubuntu/emby updates the problem came back. When I try to run “sudo umount –a” I get several errors saying “target is busy”. I can manually browse and play all the media files on any of the windows PCs on my network, so I don’t think the issue is on the windows server side. It looks like CIFS is getting suck in some sort of loop. Can anyone provide some insight on why this is happening? Let me know if there is additional information I can provide to help debug this.
  9. Hey Guys, In Emby For Kodi i can setup a password for my samba share to provide direct stream. Is this also possible in emby for Fire TV? For kodi I used following path substitution and it worked just fine: /media -> smb://user:password@@nas.home/videos I know it's not the common one but it worked. Is there a possible workaround for kodi available? Thanks your!
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