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Found 1 result

  1. INTRO SKIP PLUGIN WARNING: THESE INSTRUCTIONS REQUIRE UPDATING HOWEVER THE FUNCTIONALITY REMAINS THE SAME Current Status - Development Testing (Not released to plugin catalogue - Local install only) ADVISORY: It is advisable to test these DEV/Beta releases on a small test library with a few TV shows that have a good amount of content. About 300-500 episodes. DISCLAIMER: The following has been analysed & tested this now: If your audio varies(pitch & loudness) between episodes in a season, the plugin will have difficulty in detection. There is nothing we can do about it, we tried changing the sensitivity of the detection and it yields weird results. THANKS: @chef @samuelqwe @rbjtech @Cheesegeezer for all their hardwork to get this where it is today, especially chef and Sam who did all the hard work with the Fingerprinting and Detection methods. Also to the all the testers for putting up with us. VERSION - Now released has huge performance improvements of upto 40% during the detection process, The UI in the config is polished and very user friendly with plenty of feedback from the plugin. We strongly suggest uninstalling any previous versions of the plugin and starting from here. FFMPEG VERSION - Current Release version of Emby Server does NOT contain the correct ffmpeg version that facilitates Chromaprint. You will either have to upgrade to the latest beta version minimum. PLUGIN OVERVIEW IntroSkip will scan your TV Show library, analyze each episodes for audio fingerprints then detect the Title Sequence(Intro) based on the audio fingerprinting match. This is all stored in an independent database and creates API Endpoints that can be accessed by any other plugin or core code. The goal is for the Core code to use these endpoint to show a 'focused' INTROSKIP button on the VideoOSD when the intro starts and is displayed until the intro ends giving the user the option to skip the Title Sequence (Intro), similar to the Netflix experience. In order to create a visual feedback for the user, Chapter Insertion points can be created and Thumbnail extraction run to display the Title sequence in episode chapter section. NOTES: The plugin relies heavily on the encoding of the audio in the TV episode, if different shows are encoded differently it is possible that the Title sequence can show inaccuracies. This is not a failure of the plugin detection, but more likely down to audio differences of the source it's using. To battle this, the user can edit start and end points in a configuration UI of each episode. SETTINGS PAGE OVERVIEW INSTRUCTIONS Install the plugin by sideloading Grab the latest dll from the 3rd post down extract the dll from the zip folder copy the dll and paste it to C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\plugins Once installed you will need to restart Emby Server After installation you will notice a new section in Schedule Tasks for IntroSkip If you have a low powered machine(NAS) you can reduce the demand put on the system by lowering the number of shows processed at the same time. Open the settings for the plugin and click on the advanced settings tab at the top and chose how many parallel shows to process. Before you can use any of the other configuration settings available in the IntroSkip plugin you must first run the FingerPrint and Detection Tasks. NOTE: Depending on your library size this could take hours or even days (this is only for the initial detection) Follow the instructions below This step allows for the Fingerprint Database to be saved to reduce the need for running the fingerprint process in big libraries (during our testing phase) Run the Fingerprint Task and Let the FP task finish Shutdown Emby Server Navigate to C:\Users\***username***\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\data COPY titlesequence.db to any_name_you_like.db (this will be the base fingerprint file) Restart Emby Server Start the Detect task RUN THE FINGERPRINT (CHROMAPRINT) Task and follow step 8 if desired once completed It's a good idea to delete the task triggers in the settings for each of these tasks as they default if for them to run every 24hrs Once the 2 tasks have been run above, there is no need to run the FP and detection tasks unless new episodes are added. The database knows which episodes have already be done so will only process newly added episodes. Now you should go into the Plugin Configuration from the Plugins page Here, you can select the TV Show and Season and go thru the list to ensure the Title Sequence Start and End times are accurate. If they need editing then you can edit the start and end times. By Clicking the Episode image this will take you to that episode in your library to you can confirm the start and end times of the Episode. After editing the start and end times, these are saved in the database and conducting a Library Metadata refresh will NOT lose the times. RESCAN Option: This only works at Season level - However, if you wish delete the Detection Points in the database for that specific TV Show's Season - Then click the Remove Data button at the bottom of the List and then confirm in the pop up box. OMITTING TV SHOWS FROM DETECTION SCANS Another cool feature of the IntroSkip plugin is the ability to exclude TV Shows in your library from any scans. This is particularly useful for Sports Shows and other shows you know have a less than 10 second intro (Arrow, TheBoys for example). CREATING CHAPTER POINTS This is a completely optional step for the user, by doing this it will create a Title sequence Chapter that can be viewed in the Episode's chapter list To enable this you must Click the Chapters Sub menu at the top Switch the "Show Title Sequence in Chapters" slider to on, this will create the new chapter points without messing with your existing chapters In order for them to be displayed visually the Thumbnail Image extraction task must be run. This task is very quick to process compare to the FP and Detection Tasks. Once both the sliders are set to on, go to the Schedule Tasks in Emby and run the Chapter Insertion Task (this will take a minute or two at max, generally it takes a few seconds), when this completes it will run the Image Extraction Task afterwards. Once the Chapter Insertion task completes, watch the Thumbnail Extraction progress (this will take quite a few minutes depending on number of episodes) After extraction you should now see the Title Sequence in the chapters section of your Episode Details Page. BAD CHAPTER LIST If you have any episodes that are problematic, i.e. no chapters created (Often caused by specials that are less than 5min long but have a Title Sequence) or the chapters are contained incorrectly within the video Container (mkv, etc) these episodes will be populated after you run the chapter task on your library, and can be viewed under the Chapters Tab in the IntroSkip Plugin configuration page. This is useful for trouble shooting episodes that need attention with something like MKVToolNix where the chapters can be edited and saved back to the video container with very little effort and not requirement for reencoding the container. The list is repopulated every time the user runs the chapter list, and is blank on a Emby Restart. So the Chapter Task will need to be run to populate the list after Emby Server is started. EXAMPLES An Example of before and after the Title Sequence is entered into the chapters Thanks to RBJTECH for the below BEFORE - no Chapter Insert Task Run - Chapter 2 is the 'end of the Intro' and this could have used this before to skip the Intro - BUT of course there is no way of knowing when the Intro starts - but nor do I need to if doing it manually. AFTER - Chapter Insert Task Run and Thumbnail Image Extraction Task Run Chapter 2 has remained - but now a 'Title Sequence' has been inserted at the Start of the Title Sequence. You could debate that it is not needed (as you are never likely to intentionally skip to and watch the Intro..) - but it is being consistent with all the other possible chapter scenerio's where it is important to show the Title Sequence (ie Auto chapters, or chapters that are not at end of the Intro). Remember - chapters are not the method that is being used for the UI 'Introskip' button - therefore, if 'Title Sequence' is wrong - so will the UI 'Introskip' button - as they use the same reference dB. Other examples
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