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  1. It would be helpful if you could add the following streaming option to the Web UI inside the file: /%appdata%/MediaBrowser-Server/System/dashboard-uiI/scripts/mediaplayer-video.js options.push({ name: '720p - 1.0Mbps', maxWidth: 1280, bitrate: 1000000 });
  2. elcabong

    [FR] Use network Device Name

    is it possible to use the "Device Name" under Settings>Services>General in xbmc instead of setting "Device Name" in XBMB3C-addon-Settings>Network as the default, but can be changed in the addon?
  3. xnappo

    0.9.5 - Please Test!

    Hi All, The version of the AddOn at the official repo is getting pretty stale - so I am going to push another release. In general I want the XBMC repo to be a 'stable' version, have the version in our 'XBMB3C' repo be 'beta' and the Git 'alpha'. Please put the current Git version through the ringer: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.XBMC Change log: 0.9.5 - Auto server discovery - Cast Images - Actor cross-referencing - Additional artwork and metadata during playback - Rotating backdrops for individual items - Default views settings (must be supported by the skin) - TV Theme music support - Option to disable background services - Proper artwork support at the Series/Season/Episode levels - New method for skin widget support - Proper sorting for Series and BoxSets - Present episode counts and watch/unwatched counts - Removed skin_diffs folder - use XBMB3C skin repo instead Thanks, xnappo
  4. Koleckai Silvestri

    [FR] Support auto server detect

    The server will respond to "who is MediaBrowser" requests on a specific port. See: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser/wiki/Locating-the-Server The question is really can the XBMB3C plugin send out those requests?
  5. Noticed a couple of issues with artwork in the video player OSD. When the OSD is activated (video paused), if the option to show the poster in the OSD is set, there is no poster shown (see below). The poster DOES show when a movie is paused. Also, not shown, in the lower-right corner (just above sxxexx) native XBMC shows the clearart for the TV series. Finally - this is a little harder to explain ... Start a video, pause it (you will get the OSD below) - while it is paused, press "i" (info) - the TV content rating (TV-G, MA, etc) will appear in the 3rd position on he top bar. Would be nice if that showed up without having to press "i" (and strange that it behaves this way, I think)..
  6. There are quite a few informations for ListItems that XBMB3C doesn't support. See <here> Although I don't think everything should be supported, there are a few properties I would like to see in XBMB3C. While comparing Arctic in XBMC and XBMB3C mode, I especially felt like the TV specific counts would be nice to have. ListItem.Property(TotalSeasons) Shows the total number of seasons for the currently selected tvshow ListItem.Property(TotalEpisodes) Shows the total number of episodes for the currently selected tvshow or season ListItem.Property(WatchedEpisodes) Shows the number of watched episodes for the currently selected tvshow or season ListItem.Property(UnWatchedEpisodes) Shows the number of unwatched episodes for the currently selected tvshow or season ListItem.Property(NumEpisodes) Shows the number of total, watched or unwatched episodes for the currently selected tvshow or season, based on the the current watched filter. Almost every view in Arctic uses one or multiple of those properties for TV shows and seasons. I know there is a setting to display unwatched/total episode count behind the title, but that is very unflexible and not as nice looking as the display of the counts only when and where the skinner intended them to. I already made the suggestion somwhere else, but thought it would be better to start an own thread. Maybe there are other properties that would be good additions?
  7. Not sure if this should be its own thread or in with one of the others. I'd like to request support for latest episode images as a background on the TV Shows menu item. Same for latest movie images for the Movies menu item if that's not supported yet either. Thanks!
  8. I don't know if this is actually already possible in XBMB3C, but I couldn't get TV show tunes to play for MB3 content so far. Is it already possible to use them or is it even feasible to support them in XBMB3C?
  9. Some XBMC skins support additional backdrops, although I think they use a XBMC addon because XBMC doesn't support them natively. Since MB3 also supports multiple backdrops I thought it would be nice to have acces to them as well. Any comments? Possible? Worth it?
  10. ThePaladinTech

    Uri support

    Scott, please add a Uri to mb3, this will allow launcher apps to start mb3. http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/URI_Association_Schemes_List Nokia car app, car dash ... Nice apps I just discovered that give quick access to apps you might use commonly in your car. Sent from my Lumia 920 using Tapatalk
  11. Hi All, We are getting ready to release 0.9.0. There are a lot of under-the-hood changes to the code that should help with maintenance. User changes: - Search capability - Better skin integration - Update NextUp widget on stop - Check that service is running - Error handling for non-UNC paths - Photo widget support - Better MB3->XBMC art mapping - Meta-data for playback in-progress items - More granular debug logs - No meta-data cache for less than 25 items (helps with TV status updates) PLEASE give the current Git a shot and let us know if there are any bugs. I would like to submit to the XBMC repo Wednesday. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser.XBMC/archive/master.zip xnappo
  12. Hi, I have this working really well over 5 clients (1 of them 100 miles away at my Parent's House) from my WHS2011 Server and just have a couple of questions.... 1, Does the actor information just "not work" or is it my configuration? If I click on an actor name when in the information screen of a movie I just get a response of "no information" 2, MBS has some great plug-ins like Movie/TV Theme Videos would that ever be possible to run in XBMB3C? Many Thanks for all your time & effort on a fantastic add-on that keeps all our viewing libraries seperate whilst keeping XBMC with Live TV :-D
  13. xnappo

    Theme/Skin Sub-forum

    Hi All, With the large number of new skins available, we have created a new Theme sub-forum. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/forum/110-themes/ xnappo
  14. I recently had a discussion with one of the MB3 developers regarding the challenges of supporting playback of .ISO images. I was just thinking of a possible solution that would allow us that prefer the .ISO format to be able to have access to the format in our home theaters while still being able to stream those movies that have problematic.ISO playback. Basically, it involves allowing us to place a second re-encoded (MKV,MP4,AVI, etc) version of the movie in the same folder as the .ISO. We could then label these files with a [stream] prefix. eg. "[stream]Talented Mr. Ripley (199).MKV". Whenever the MB3 indexer encountered one of these [stream] files, it would simply be ignored. However, when a streaming client encountered one, it would play the [stream] file instead of the .ISO file. The clients could then have an optional setting to prefer or ignore the [stream] version of the movies. This way we would only have to create re-encoded stream-able versions for the ISOs that don't don't like to be streamed. We would then still have access to the full ISO experience in the home theater while having an alternative solution for problematic ISOs. Hoping that someone see this! -e.B
  15. allen00se

    Aeon MQ5 support

    So what are my options for Gotham? I currently run Aeon MQ5 skin and really like it and Aeon Nox is incompatible with Gotham. I can handle the shortcuts, but would like to figure something out for the widgets.
  16. For some reasons I want to switch from ROC theme to Chocolate theme but comparing to ROC I miss same things in Chocolate that I would like to request here. - Because I'm Dutch I use subtitles and in Chocolate there is no info about the internal and external subtitles available. Can this be added? - I see no media icons and it is checked in the config. - Can clearart be added? - Can it be optional to see a logo where the banner is placed now. I would rather a logo instead of the banner. - With future episodes without a episode thumb available at the tvdb there is this weird standard image visable. Can the series thumb.jpg be used here. Looks nicer. Thanks.
  17. When your watching a show/movies and you hit the back button by mistake and it sends you back to the episode selection page or the movie info page, how do you get back to the show/movie?
  18. I have 5 free theme licenses to give away, thanks to the lovely folks at MetaBrowser. To grab one, just reply to this discussion which one of my 4 themes you'd like and a free licence is yours. Be quick - the first 5 replies win...
  19. Hi Roku Devs, Might it be possible to [have an option to] increase the length of recently added for TV. Sometimes i dont get to watch anything until the weekends when there are perhaps 20 additions added. So i current limit (12?) is overly restrictive for me. Maybe i am not the only one. Thank you for considering.
  20. Morning all, First time posting on the new site. I've been using an older version of MB for a while now, using an older version of Chocolate which someone (I forget who) adapted for me to get rid of the information bar at the bottom of the screen on poster view. My server crashed over the weekend. I took the opportunity to upgrade from WHS v1 to WHS 2011, and hence to MB3. Liking what I've seen so far. Still getting to grips with the metadata, BUT I wondered, if it's not out of order, whether I could make a suggestion for the chocolate theme. I love Poster View. This is entirely subjective, but on an HTPC I think there is little more impressive than having a grid showing all your movie posters. To my mind, and again I appreciate that this is entirely subjective and not everyone will agree, I think it looks way better without that horizontal bar at the bottom that tells you what movie is currently selected. I know what movie is currently selected, as the "folder" image is showing it. When someone altered chocolate for me on the old MB, they removed this bar. I note that in the Chocolate options on MB3 there is option to not show end time, etc (apologies, not in front of my rig ATM< so can't recall exact option wording). Would it be possible at all to have another Poster View option, which is "don't show horizontal info bar". Pretty please? Happy to post a picture to explain more if this isn't clear. Otherwise, good work everyone. Thanks Rob edit: Found my original thread http://community.mediabrowser.tv/permalinks/7586/10-to-alter-chocolate-for-me
  21. It would be nice if the server app would have a small icon on a movie/show if it is missing either images or important metadata items. This way its easy to go through your library and manually add items to shows that are missing things like discart without having to click on each one to see. Also, there would need to be a settings page where a user can turn of notifications for items, so if you don't care for discart, only posters or fanart, you can have it only notify you if the selected items are missing. Perhaps a different icon for images vs metadata so one can differentiate.
  22. Hi, I did suggest this once before in the MB2 forums, but would like to bring it up again. I think ebr said he might put it into MBT, but I'd love to see it in MBC too I'd like to see the clearart or logo used instead of the white text in the bottom right corner when a backdrop is displayed by the screensaver plugin
  23. Hey! I've mentioned this before but thought id create a thread being as you have your very own dedicated section now. Pretty much as the title says, any chance of support for local trailer playback in a future release please. Cheers, Rad
  24. HI, Would like to request a small change or be educated on how to do this otherwise. I pretty much use the unwatched EHS view for all of my TV browsing to see and select new TV shows that have recently been added to my collection. Quite regularly I wish to set some of these to watched state without having actually watched them. (sometime watch shows at friend places or similar) If there is more than 1 unwatched episode for a show, I can happily use the * key on my remote to set each unwatched episode as watched. If there is only a single episode, the list view is bypassed and the screen goes directly to the detail page for that show. On this screen if I press * the show does not seem to be set as watched. The only way I can work out to set it as watched is to navigate into the TV SHows library, select the show and then find the episode in the right season and set it to watched in there. Am I missing something about another way to do this or could the * key be enabled when on the detail screen for a particular episode? In general I could see being able to set watched from the detail screen for an episode would be a good thing.
  25. Is it possible to gain the volume of the theme videos and theme songs to background level? I know I can gain the mp3 with mp3gain but it would be nice if this can be done automaicly. Now some have songs that have low volume and others are much too loud. Also when theme songs or videos are playing and I delete items from the library from within MBClassic the music stops and the recycle sound takes over. Is it possible that this does not happen?
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