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Found 5 results

  1. lexisdude

    Emby Bookshelf and 2018

    (removed and resubmitted to feature requests)
  2. Twistedcloud

    .CBZ file downloaded as .Epub

    Hello I have comics set up in Emby and when i go to download the file on my phone through the app to read it, it adds .epub to the end of the file string and turns it into a text document rather then a zip file.
  3. I'm interested in using the Emby plugin called "Bookshelf" from https://github.com/M...aster/Bookshelf; however, I cannot find any instructions on how to install it and use it in Emby. Does anyone have any knowledge of how to get it to work in Emby? https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Plugins/archive/master.zip Emby.Plugins-master.zip
  4. Mediabrowser server version 3.0.5424.1 and MB bookshelf plugin 1.0..5198.29005 As of this new server version it seems that the MB Bookshelfplugin doesn't seem to read the file "metadata.opf" which is created by Calibre. Would like to ask the developer of this plugin to fix this.
  5. I have some Comics saved with ComicRack they are .cbz files with the ComicInfo.xml inside the .cbz But I see no info and or Covers on my MB what did I wrong? See the ComicInfo.xml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <ComicInfo xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Title>Nabuko Donosor Loopt Voor De Voeten</Title> <Series>De Avonturen Van Urbanus</Series> <Number>049</Number> <Genre>Humor</Genre> <PageCount>33</PageCount> <Pages> <Page Image="0" ImageSize="887887" ImageWidth="1238" ImageHeight="1751" Type="FrontCover" /> <Page Image="1" ImageSize="411628" ImageWidth="1142" ImageHeight="1704" /> <Page Image="2" ImageSize="752187" /> <Page Image="3" ImageSize="751608" /> <Page Image="4" ImageSize="796084" /> <Page Image="5" ImageSize="777599" /> <Page Image="6" ImageSize="786943" /> <Page Image="7" ImageSize="792737" /> <Page Image="8" ImageSize="820029" /> <Page Image="9" ImageSize="790186" /> <Page Image="10" ImageSize="756773" /> <Page Image="11" ImageSize="741008" /> <Page Image="12" ImageSize="756722" /> <Page Image="13" ImageSize="775928" /> <Page Image="14" ImageSize="781187" /> <Page Image="15" ImageSize="767359" /> <Page Image="16" ImageSize="738407" /> <Page Image="17" ImageSize="741337" /> <Page Image="18" ImageSize="770587" /> <Page Image="19" ImageSize="763907" /> <Page Image="20" ImageSize="757558" /> <Page Image="21" ImageSize="773083" /> <Page Image="22" ImageSize="788950" /> <Page Image="23" ImageSize="751696" /> <Page Image="24" ImageSize="732666" /> <Page Image="25" ImageSize="760677" /> <Page Image="26" ImageSize="766117" /> <Page Image="27" ImageSize="742001" /> <Page Image="28" ImageSize="765946" /> <Page Image="29" ImageSize="718555" /> <Page Image="30" ImageSize="716206" /> <Page Image="31" ImageSize="749844" /> <Page Image="32" ImageSize="872478" /> </Pages> </ComicInfo>
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