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Media Browser Client for iPad is live!

Posted by darwindeeds , 17 June 2014 · 3867 views

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We are happy to announce that Media Browser for iPad has been approved in the Apple App Store.
Appstore Link: https://itunes.apple...75585?ls=1&mt=8

We know this has been a long time coming and we are glad the community has been so patient with us while we worked on it.
There is still a lot of work to come. We plan to make this a universal app so that you can also use it on the iPhone. We also have a slew of features that we plan to implement in the coming months.
If you have any suggestions for features please add them to our user voice site: https://mbios.uservoice.com/.

Existing iPhone app Link: https://itunes.apple...58087?ls=1&mt=8

Don't forget to leave a review!

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Like the icon looks cool.

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What a beautifully deigned app. Just left my review. Bravo team!
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Downloaded it on the way to work and the app is working great over the LTE network. Server setup was a breeze, connection made right away. Images are loading faster then I would have expected over a cellular network. Videos where buffered due to cellular speed play very smoothly from the few I've sampled so far. Looking to trying out the casting to Roku and Chromecast once I'm back home. Looks fantastic so far! 5 star rating from me and I'll write a review in the near future to add to iTunes.
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congrats guys.. figures i wouldve left my ipad at home.. i am eager to get this workday through and check it out

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Great design, very intuitive and super visually !!

My compliments to the team

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Koleckai Silvestri
Jun 18 2014 10:00 AM

While I don't have an iPad capable of running the App, I do have an iPhone and like the iPhone app. As such, I purchased this to show support. And who knows maybe one day, my wife and I will get updated iPads.

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Only complaint is the icon... since i was staring at it for a few minutes wondering why it was stuck ½ installed until i went to try pause it and restart it... then the app loaded and now i feel an idiot, lol! 


Well done to the developers though and looking forward to hopefully seeing TV, TV Guide in the not too distant future! Will have to try out the remote browsing when i'm out tomorrow too! :)

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Jun 18 2014 03:38 PM

@paulcdb the icon was a precursor some UI fold animations that we wanted to try in the future updates. Thanks for your support :)

Purchased! Nice work, thanks. :)

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It is finally here, Wait is over :) Congrats, it is very well done!

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I was waiting for this app forever and a day :o)

so glad it's here... thank you for all your hard work as always!

so far I love it.


thank you.

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Really like this app, browsing through my collection is now easy. 



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Since when did open source projects start charging! annoyed

Since when did open source projects start charging! annoyed


Comments like this piss me off.  Some people's sense of entitlement is mind boggling.


Feel free to spend 100's of hours building your own app and put it up on the app store for free.  No one is stopping you.  Make sure you announce here when it is done and I'll check it out.

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Great job darwindeeds.  You have done Media Browser proud.

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Since when did open source projects start charging! annoyed


Seriously? It's $4 for an awesome app.

Make a "Hello World" app and see how long it takes you. Then make a real app and see if $4 is worth the effort. 


I'm glad people still put the effort into this kind of thing despite people like you!

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Jun 19 2014 08:43 PM

Since when did open source projects start charging! annoyed

Since developers put hard work and a hell of a lot of time and effort to jump thru Apple's hoops to bring you a great app. If you own apple devices you should be used to paying for apps. The guts of the mediabrowser project is free.... MBS, MBT & MBC .

On another note.... Great work @darwindeeds and dev team.... been a pleasure testing and working with you again!!!! Thanks for such an amazing app.
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Answer the question "Since when did open source projects start charging! still annoyed"

Answer the question "Since when did open source projects start charging! still annoyed"

First, I am not even certain that the ios app is open source.  Second, whether the ios app is open source or not, you seem to have misconceptions about open source software. 

Please see the "Doesn't 'open source' just mean something is free of charge" section.
To answer you question: most likely since open source was conceived.

Question, works with chromecast and have subtitles feature?

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