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Modern Player Interface Comes to MB Classic in Version 187




Version of Media Browser Classic has just been released.


There are several fixes and enhancements in this release but the biggest one is a brand new interface during video playback. This new interface is much more modern looking, provides more information and great functionality including customized skipping, direct access seeking and full, interactive chapter access with chapter images.






Please see the new interface usage guide for a complete description of how it all works now.


The new interface brings a fresh look and a lot of functionality to MBC video playback but there is a possibility that there may be conflicts with some systems or extenders. If this new interface produces problems for you, it can be disabled in the configuration pages inside MBC - but, I think in 99% of cases it will represent a nice improvement.


If you have under scan issues during playback on your extender, please see here and also the new settings in the advanced config page in MBC.


More detailed information on the new release can be found here and a full change log here.

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I really really like it, but I have a small niggle. When you press "play", the bottom interface thingy with times comes up. That's fantastic. However it takes a long time to fade. In "normal" WM Center, you can press "play" again to make it go away. Could this please be implemented?

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Starlionblue you can go in to the config of it and lower the osd timeout. my little niggle is i find that too much is happening on screen !

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