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Can't stream from Android TV or mobile device


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So, lately I've ran into some problems with Emby and hopefully someone could help me out here.

Ever since my Android TV streamer just updated itself to version 9, Emby hasn't been working properly for me.
The app works but pretty slow, it takes always a few seconds when I press anything when I choose a show in the menu or when
I'm actually pressing the Play button in a movie or a show I want to watch.
The biggest problem is when it starts playing (and it takes a while now before it starts), It's working for around 10 to 30 seconds
and then it just freezes, and after a few seconds again it works for a few more seconds and then freezes again, and this happens with
every file, no matter what.

I thought this is a problem that's related to the Android TV update I just had because it seems like it started after this, but then I
tried watching from the app on my Samsung phone and it has the same problem,  as well as on my laptop. The only place Emby works
fine is on my desktop PC which is essentially the server when all the files are located, hence making me think I have a problem with
the streaming from Emby not working properly, doesn't matter what device it is.

Anyone encountered anything like this with Emby and has a solution?
Been using Emby for months and now I feel really stuck without it.

Thanks in advance

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