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Found 2 results

  1. So, lately I've ran into some problems with Emby and hopefully someone could help me out here. Ever since my Android TV streamer just updated itself to version 9, Emby hasn't been working properly for me. The app works but pretty slow, it takes always a few seconds when I press anything when I choose a show in the menu or when I'm actually pressing the Play button in a movie or a show I want to watch. The biggest problem is when it starts playing (and it takes a while now before it starts), It's working for around 10 to 30 seconds and then it just freezes, and after a few seconds again it works for a few more seconds and then freezes again, and this happens with every file, no matter what. I thought this is a problem that's related to the Android TV update I just had because it seems like it started after this, but then I tried watching from the app on my Samsung phone and it has the same problem, as well as on my laptop. The only place Emby works fine is on my desktop PC which is essentially the server when all the files are located, hence making me think I have a problem with the streaming from Emby not working properly, doesn't matter what device it is. Anyone encountered anything like this with Emby and has a solution? Been using Emby for months and now I feel really stuck without it. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, So, I sorted out a new media box after my old trusty one died. I found out Media Browser as I know it was archaic and so I decided to build using MB3. Since the change I have had a few problems but seeing all users that are getting on fine I just need some help to get myself sorted. I am unsure what to explain so I will start from the beginning. Sorry if this gets a little long winded. Setup: HP Microline Server (12tb) running unRaid (Located in spare room) Shares set up for Movies, TV, Fitness Vids, Music Vids (drives set to spin down after one hour of non use - this may be an important bit of info!) Custom build HTPC with SSD and 4gb ram (located under TV) Running windows 7 ultimate, MB3 with Diamond theme and PowerDVD for playing blu-ray ISOs I have the MB Server running on the HTPC as I don't know how to get it on to unRaid so the server and the MB Classic program are on the one box. I followed the MB guides and got some help on my first post from the mods and successfully got everything working... I was super happy. The first problem I encountered was that if I turned the HTPC off and came back to it the next day I would fire it up from cold (Media Centre starts on boot) and go into MB3 and no folders would show. There showed a folder counter in the bottom left corner (0/5). The folders would never appear. To resolve I had to go into the MB Server, re-add the folder icon art and refresh each folder then I could re-open MB3 and navigate folders and watch films/tv. My personal resolve was to just set the machine to sleep when I had finished and this seemed to stop the problem 3 out of 4 times but still occurred some times. Ignoring this I tried to move on. The bigger problem happened tonight! I started the machine up and all looked ok. There was an update for Chocolate (which I have since un-installed as I don't actually use it) which completed. I scanned through my library and selected a film and hit play.... but nothing happened. I hit it a few more times, nothing happened. I restarted MB3 - same issue, restarted MB Server - same issue. I tried to play a file through the server web interface and I got the message 'Invalid Source' (I have since found some posts on this which indicate this might just be IE10/11 issues so I am discounting that as a symptom of this problem). After a few other attempts to resolve (like disconnection the mapped drives for the media folders and re-loading) I could not fix this. I figured out how to get the error log up but I cant make head nor tail of it. I would massively appreciate anyone's help on this. I have an impending operation that is going to leave me couch ridden for a possible 10 weeks so I want this to be working without issue (as I am sure you can imagine!) Thanks in advance for any help. PS. If I have done this in the wrong place or given the wrong info please let me know. EDIT: I can play the films on the HTPC if I just use windows to browse to the file on the network drive and double click it. MBClassic-2912014ce6f8ec989dd4735a8cc1a153da1c8ce.log
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