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chinesesubfinder tools for Chinese users 一款给中文用户使用的自动字幕下载工具


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在今年五月份的时候,搭建好了 sonarr raddarr emby ,总体来说很棒。但是困扰我的是字幕的获取问题。新一些的剧集就很难比较快的得到中文字幕。
In May of this year, Sonarr Raddarr Emby was built, and overall it was great.But what bothers me is the problem of getting subtitles.Newer episodes have a hard time getting Chinese subtitles quickly.


So I developed a download tool that automatically downloads subtitles

docker hub:

有别于其他的中文字幕下载工具,本工具依赖于 IMDB ID 工作,并且需要进行基本的削刮后才能使用。也就是文件名需要规范。
Unlike other Chinese subtitle download tools, this tool relies on the IMDB ID to work and requires basic scraping to be used.That is, file names need to be standardized.

本来是考虑过做成 emby 的插件的,但是看到论坛中讨论说如果不是 open api 接口去拿数据的,就不太适合上架。所以就只能独立运行啦。
I was considering making it an Emby plugin, but I read the discussion in the forum that if you don't have the Open API interface to get data, it's not suitable to put it on the shelf.So it just runs on its own.


Welcome to try, the purpose of the tool is simple and crude automatic download, the setup is simple enough.


Tools are still being developed to increase the level of automation and speed of search.


功能建议可以在这里提,或者 Github issues 更好。

Suggestions can be made here, or better yet, GitHub Issues.

Github issue:https://github.com/allanpk716/ChineseSubFinder/issues

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Looking forward to it for a long time! Works great! See if there are opportunities and energy to develop a plug-in for emby.


(Im using v0.16.0 version, v0.17.0 seems to be a bit problematic, I will send an issue later)


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这个太麻烦了,库里两万刮削的电影,跑了一晚上 也不知道下了些啥回来,想最新入库的一部都没下到,还是喜欢按需下载的那个插件,可惜他不支持subhd和字幕库。


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