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Providing Video Samples for Troubleshooting


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It happens in some cases that users have issues in one of the MB clients with specific video file(s).

I think it help a lot when others can test the specific file to try to reproduce the issue or to confirm the issue isn't specific to the media file.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a sample of a MKV file using MKVToolNix (MKVMerge GUI):


Add the file to sample and choose the destination where the sample will be:



Choose the options as per below and "start muxing". I like to choose 5 files so I can choose a specific scene that helps showing the issue...



Upload one of the samples on your DropBox (or whatever you use) and share it. (don't choose the last file as it's a copy of the entire video)

Then delete the files...




***There is also another faster but without GUI way to sample a video file and also mkvmerge will in most cases re-write the time stamps (which could be the root of the problem that needs testing).

ffmpeg -i "inputmovie.ext"  -t 60 -c copy "outputmovie.ext"

Here is my tutorial (my preferred way):


Put a copy of the ffmpeg.exe file somewhere simple to work from (d:\samples in my example)



Open a Command Prompt (as administrator) and type the above command by replacing inputmovie.ext by the original video file name (including full path) and outputmovie.ext by whatever file name you want (with same extension). "-t 60" is the sample duration you want.





When done (really fast), you should have your sample ready in the folder (in this case; d:\samples)



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