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Need Loads Help With Setting Up My Server On My Lenovo Chromebook or Pixel 4xl


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So I'm trying to set up my emby server since my window laptop no longer receives updates, bc I'm broke and really can't afford the new windows 10 software at the moment, but anyhow I'm needing a lot of help apparently, so any and all will be much appreciated. I have used Plex for about 7 years and just purchased the Emby Premium subscription two days ago. Since then I've tried to set up my server on Pixel 4xl and my Lenovo Chromebook c330 (I believe is the model) and it's 32 bit.

So  first, I wanna say I would really love to set it up on my chromebook seeing why that's why I got it in the first place, before I realized that Plex doesn't offer software to set up servers on Chrome OS. I'm not familiar with Linux really, but I have managed to install a app once before using commands, I may of "flipped a flag" or two before also. Anyhow, I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if Google is just a difficult company to work with when it comes to companies like Emby and Plex to get working software outside of the Play Store for Chrome OS or what. The fact there isn't an easy download & install option, such as there is for Windows, to use for Chrome OS  without having to change some major settings on a device is ridiculous. In saying that, I'd still love to set my Emby server up on it.

Second, I've somehow managed to install a server on my Pixel 4xl but can't get any of my other devices to connect to said server by either the manual connection option or the Emby Connect (is that what it's called? Can't recall to be honest) or whatever the other option is called to connect to a server is called. I can't seem to even get to my dashboard to add other users, I was about to get to the community pages (obviously) via browser.

Anyhow that's my prob at the moment. I'm really wanting to achieve my goal in seeing up this server bc, well I'm tired of casting my library to my Chromecast with a plain user interface to view my media, and I don't like throwing money away, even if it was just $6. Again any help would be appreciated, I apologise for the lengthy post, but wanted to try to get in as much info into this thread as possible.




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I don't want to be the giver of bad news but you really want to use hardware that can handle running the software properly.

The current server builds are for PC, MAC, Linux, Docker, several NAS devices, FreeBSD and for the Shield TV (android).

Do you not have a 5 year old PC laying around you can install the software on?

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The problem IMHO will be memory and storage limitations not to mention using a phone that is always on and WIFI no less, isn't going to be the best idea.

To me it's a case of "can I do it" vs "should I do it".   If looking for a mobile server or something to use in a car, RV or while on vacation with limited shows/movies, sure.  To power the house and maybe serve up content to friends/family 24/7, probably not.  That's what I was getting at. 

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On 7/15/2020 at 4:12 AM, mtc86 said:

.....since my window laptop no longer receives updates

But that old windows laptop could run Ubuntu Linux quite nicely.  And Emby Server runs quite well on Linux.

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Or could put a new version of windows on it and stay with a newer version of the OS you're already familiar with. :)

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