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[Security issue] separate/isolates the list of the devices to by list of users device used instead of whole list of all users device in "Downloads to" option.

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Hi everyone.


I have found a (Issue and this needs enhanced) because i have a friend who have downloaded a whole TV show to my mobile because both of us have the same Phone name and looks like than emby allow to see everyone devices as connected to emby through the list of downloads to device option let me explain in other words


How I supposed to know wish iPhone is mine and the other 2 is my friend, as you can see there are 3 iPhone in the list because the devs don't have isolated it.




I'm my moms tv with her accounts same thing (all device is listed)




As you can see in above picture, I can allow to download my movies to any device from other users, it should have a isolated device list per users


Like my computer and my smartphone and etc (My own devices only) ..

But not showing me the device from others like my mom devices, it should be isolated between accounts

(My user can download to my own device)

(My moms can download to her device)



I really don't understand why the devs don't have isolated the list by user. Like I have described above.


Hopefully this will be fixed soon because is a security issue user may not be able to view devices from other users.



Resume to do. 

Isolation between device account to don't allow users to download by mistake to a device from other users, so by this way the device is isolated by accounts and the retrieved(return or resulted) list was only the device from that user and not from the other.


Kind Regards





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@Luke and @ebr

Anyone have a date for the the next release than contain this fix? 

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You already have the power to restrict this via user device access, although granted I wouldn't recommend it.

We will rework this in future updates so that we can provide options to only show devices that they have used.

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