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Recently added Audiobooks - wrong Link


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I'm using emby Version atm,


still quite new to emby but I'm testing out the features one after one by time.


I'm on the Audiobooks section now, playback works fine, but I noticed the "recently added" section doesn't seem to work "correctly" for these.


Ofc it links to the newest added file, but not to the newest added Audiobook, which would be much better.


If I click on the recently added audiobook, it opens either the last or the first track of that audiobook, but only that. If I then manually click on go to album, then I can listen the whole album from the beginbning to the end, but that step seems unnessesary to me. It would be better if it wouldn't open the last added file, but the last added album.


Can I somehow fix it myself or if not, can I completely remove the recently added section only for audiobooks by css editing maybe?



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Hi, yes our audio book support is in early stages still but we are gradually improving it with each new release. Thanks for the feedback.

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