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Use embedded Cover Art from MP3 Files


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Quite new to Emby - and Loving it!


One main issue I have - and this has been sort of touched on elsewhere in the forums.


I have a large collection of MP3 files (94k) and I have painstakingly gone through each file and added the correct artwork/cover/label.


I've added everything to Emby - took a couple of days but hardly surprising.


Now, when I play these, either on my server pc or in Android app, I am noty seeing the correct cover art (in some cases it simply does not appear.


It's important to note that my files are not stored in Album folders and therefore to not have a seperate Album Art picture in the folder.


Each cover is embedded in the file using MP3 taggers and/or JRiver Media center.


Most other players that I use do use the correct cover art.


Is there anything I can do to either ensure the correct artwork is associated with the correct files or force Emby to look in the file for artwork?


Yours in anticipation,



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Hi @@gazskeltz, currently we are dependent on album folder structure, meaning separate folders for albums.


It's in our plans to become completely tag driven and then I think this will improve. Thanks for the feedback.

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