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Emby for Android doesn't connect with IPsec VPN.


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I've been having a issue with Emby lately, It's working perfectly through OpenVPN, but not on IPsec.

With IPsec I can connect to Emby through the browser (Chrome and Firefox), but the Android app doesn't connect at all, after opening the app It stays on the loading screen for a while and shows the screen to select servers, Also shows Failed Connection.

With OpenVPN, Emby loads on both browser and App correctly.


This isn't a configuration issue with IPsec, since I'm routing everything to my gateway (, Emby even loads normally with the browser.


Is there anywhere I can get the logs to known why It isn't connecting?



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Hi, did you try entering the address manually into the app?

I've tried this but It didn't worked, The VPN is functioning as expected, but I can't connect to Emby directly with the Android App.

Since I didn't want to use OpenVPN, I've ended up creating a reverse proxy. Now It works.



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