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Confession from a Former Jellyfin User


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2 hours ago, acnp77 said:

@TeamB I would be interested to know what kind of audiences you think are the target for emby and jellyfin :)

Emby has long history and there is a dedicated and loyal user base that is happy with Enby and will stick with it. Emby (devs) also has a lot more experience building Streaming and playback apps, years of experience building this and finding all the gotchas along to way so Emby users will have a smoother ride due to this experience. This makes it a very good platform for people that just want to set and forget, update when they can and play their favorite media.

Jellyfin will always have a passionate OSS following, as well as a lot of users that feel like they are getting something for free and would rather suffer the small bumps along the way. The ride with Jellyfin will be bumpier and need more attention for updates and things breaking which the OSS users will take in their strides and feel it is a right of passage to get this software up and running.

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Thanks a lot for your comment. I definitely count myself to the people who will stick with Emby. Nothing that works and is good comes for free :)

I really hope the principle that Emby is meant to be "my own" server will stay. (Meaning no accounts and memberships etc.)

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