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Are multi-part files supported in MBT yet?


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I've had a search on the forum and all I can find is a reference to MBC saying they now support multi-part files. Is this feature implemented in MBT yet? Trying to work out if I've done something wrong or what I'm seeing is the expected behaviour?


I have a very large library with some multi-part movies, and although I could go through and join them... I'd rather be drinking a beer instead. ;)


I've read the KB article on file naming structure.


The behaviour I'm seeing is:


1) The WebUI shows a second part, but does not play it automatically.

2) MBT doesn't see a second part at all.

3) The android or iOS clients don't see a second part either.


Is there a way for me to seamlessly play a multi-part movie (or more importantly.... for my kids to play a multi-part movie seamlessly) without needing to use a mouse and keyboard? I'd be happy with being able to cast multi-part movies to my chromecast from a mobile client if necessary until this feature is implemented in MBT.


Here is an example from my library:











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Thanks Luke. MB3 is amazing. I'm slowly converting all my plex friends one by one... I know this feature is a big sticking point with people though. Appreciate all you are doing! :)

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Any updates on this? I too have many multi-part movies and it would take forever to merge them, plus many of them are foreign films with subtitles which would have to be completely re-timed. Will the new Theater client support multi-part movies?

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